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Where was Kandace Schipper Last Seen on 4 June 2023?

Kandace Schipper is missing now who went to travel to Japan from Chicago, on 4 June 2023. The man who went with her, Luis Torres landed on 8 May 2023 in Tokyo. Schipper’s brother-in-law Adam Willea reported that Schipper was active on social media last time on 4 June 2023.

He also said they received a message regarding her when she use a credit card, in Shibuya, Japan, after stopped to used social media. He said:

“Every single day she had been communicating with family and friends. I mean text, phone calls, pictures, updates, Instagram posts. And then it all abruptly ended on June 4th.”

Earlier this month her family filled in a missing report to the Chicago Police Department. A contact number and email were opened +1 616-439-0160 or email if anyone wants to give any information about her. Now her family is waiting to get any information of her last seen after 4 June 2023.

Where was Kandace Schipper Last Seen?

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They also visit U.S. Embassy so that they can trace Schipper in Japan. The search work has been hindered after they block a road with Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Willea informed the Tokyo Metropolitan Police not to fill a case of missing but start an investigation until she misses her flight from Japan to the U.S.

“I guess it’s [an] issue because technically her flight home isn’t scheduled yet. So, until she misses her flight home, they won’t even start a report.”

Where was Kandace Schipper Last Seen?

Unfortunately, her family is worried now because the police have not found the Chicago Woman yet, who is missing from Japan. They are disappointed also because Toyo authorities denied to filled any case of missing and start investigating officially. He added:

“We’re here stateside. There’s literally nothing we can do. So, this helpless feeling of not knowing if she is in a hospital, is being held somewhere against her will? Is she hurt? There’s nothing we can even do because it’s in Tokyo, Japan. We need feet on the ground over there.”

The incident was not forgotten yet when a 61 years old lady Patricia Wu-Murad, mother of three children was missing from the mountain region of Japan. To get more information latest updates you can bookmark our site

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