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Pregnant Woman Sh0t & Kἰlled in Car “Seattle Police Department” Revealed

Pregnant Woman Sh0t & Kἰlled in Seattle

Pregnant Woman Sh0t & Kἰlled in Seattle

Around 11 a.m., on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 more than 20 cops swarmed Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street in response to reporting bμllets fired at an inhabited car.

The officers found a pregnant mother and her unborn child were sh0t and kἰlled in car in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. The car had stopped at the Lenora light.

After the incident, police said the woman was taken to Harborview, but despite all lifesaving efforts by medical professionals both she and her unborn child pἀssed away a little over five hours later. One eyewitness to the afternoon sh00ting reported hearing around five gunshots.

The white Tesla with open doors that can be seen in photos taken at the scene is a major focus of the police probe.

Pregnant Mother and Her Unborn Child Sh0t in Car

The sh00ting occurred outside a CVS pharmacy. There were a lot of customers in the shop at the time. A man inside the shop said that Prior to hearing the gμnfire, he and the others inside had already established that an armed intruder was nearby.

He declared:

“After checking The Citizen App and saw there was actually an alert for a guy walking with a rἰfle up and down Bell.”

A man who claimed to have checked the warning while in CVS said he did so. The app then displayed a second notice reporting gμnfire. He remarked:

“I heard the gμnfire, so I knew it was happening in real-time. What you did outside was perfect.”

The Seattle Police Department has not been able to determine whether or not the individual seen with a rἰfle is the sh00ter. The sh00ting took place just outside the CVS entrance two streets away. The man at CVS said:

“The car was just waiting at a stop light waiting to go and he just released four sh0ts. All of a sudden we knew that people were dropping to the floor, I didn’t really expect to still see everything. You could see there’s bl00d on the road you could see the four sh0ts in the driver’s side window.”

Liza Ogwel, who lives nearby heard said:

“I think today was the drawing board for me and I think I’m going to have to consider just relocating. I don’t feel safe. Seattle once upon a time was a beautiful city.”

Liza also heard the gμnshots. Numerous witnesses to the sh00ting identified the perpetrator and directed authorities to him. The individual who was sh0t, according to the police is expected to recover without serious complications.

Police have not revealed whether the aIIeged sh00ter and the victims are related. Seattle Police Department shared a Tweet related to this case:

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