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Based on a True Story Cast: Get to Know the Performers Behind Your Favorite Roles!

The two protagonists who play characters in a true-crme podcast are among the best actors in Peacock Based on a True Story cast. The comedy-thriller revolves around a couple who launch a podcast about a local serial murdeɼeɼ to make money from him.

The podcasters decide to interview the murdeɼeɼ under the condition that he refrains from klling anyone else while recording the podcast to give the program a distinct feel. The show compels viewers to consider where entertainment and exploitation begin and end.

Based on a True Story retains a humorous tone throughout despite its severe central question. The actors contribute to striking a balance between the story’s intense thriller and dark humor strands. Due to her love of true-crme content, one of the key performers, Kaley Cuoco, excels in her role. The cast of Based on a True Story includes well-known Hollywood actors who fans may recognize from previous productions in addition to Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco As Ava Bartlett- A True Crme Enthusiast 

Based on a True Story Cast

Kaley Cuoco plays Ava, a true-crme enthusiast who tries to capitalize on the Westside Rippers’ kllings by promoting him on the podcast as one of the main characters in the Based on a True Story cast. From 2007 until 2019, Cuoco’s most notable role was that of Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

Her sitcom experience undoubtedly aided her comedic timing in Based on a True Story. She has also voiced characters in several Max Originals, including the title character in the animated series Harley Quinn and Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant.

Chris Messina As Nathan Bartlett- Ava’s husband

Based on a True Story Cast

Chris Messina plays Nathan Barlett, Ava’s husband, who struggles to make ends meet until he joins her in producing the podcast. He is the second co-lead of the Based on a True Story cast. On The Mindy Project, Messina portrayed Danny Castellano, a recurring character.

Richard Willis in Sharp Objects and Nick Haas in The Sinner are two of his other TV roles. In movies, Messina has portrayed characters like Malinov in Argo, Detective Bowden in Devil, Harry in Ruby Sparks, and Victor Zsasz in the DCEU film Birds of Prey, among others.

Tom Bateman As Matt Pierce- Friend of Bartletts

Based on a True Story Cast

In the cast of Based on a True Story, Tom Bateman plays Matt Pierce, a plumber who became friends with the Bartletts. In the 2015 television series Jekyll and Hyde, Bateman played Robert Jekyll and Edward Hyde. His performance there is a good fit with his performance in Based on a True Story.

His morals are ambiguous and unstable, just like all the other characters in the series. In addition, Bateman played the roles of Bouc in the Hercule Poirot film series and James in Snatched, Trevor Calcote in Cold Pursuit and Snatched.

Priscilla Quintana As Ruby Gate- The Bartletts Best Friend

Based on a True Story Cast

In the cast of Based on a True Story, Priscilla Quintana plays Ruby, the Bartletts’ shrewd and covert best friend. Quintana is a young actor whose breakthrough performance was as Mina in the 2019 film Polaroid. Since then, she has played Isabella Tavez in Good Trouble and Jax in Pandora.

Liana Liberato As Tory Thompson-

Based on a True Story Cast

Based on a True Story stars Liana Liberato as Tory Thompson, Ava’s sister and the voice of reason. In the Hulu Original TV series Light as a Feather, Liberato portrayed McKenna Brady, the show’s protagonist. She is known for her roles as Quinn Bailey in Scream VI and Kim in If I Stay.

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