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Kim Kardashian Is Dἀting Again! Meet “Fred” Her Mystery Man

Who is Kim Kardashian In new relationship with

Who is Kim Kardashian In new relationship with

Kim Kardashian’s love life has been the topic of considerable gossip ever since her divorce from Kanye West, whether it be about her purported relationship with comedian Pete Davidson or her (unfounded) reported affair with football player Tom Brady. Now, however, we hear directly from the reality TV star herself about her new boyfriend.

Kim Kardashian is in a relationship with an unidentified male, whom she nicknamed “Fred.” In February 2023, the couple was first observed together at a Lakers game, and Kim has since confirmed that they are dting. She has not, however, disclosed his identity.

Kim Kardashian

Do you realize that Kim Kardashian has undergone a complete transformation, becoming a true style icon in that time? When she wasn’t famous, what did she look like? Has she had plastic surgery? Kim Kardashian is the breakout star of her family’s show and is widely regarded as the most famous reality TV personality:

Fred, also known as “Drop Dead Fred,” is first mentioned in the promotional trailer for the third episode of The Kardashians, when Kim tells Scott Disick, “My friends wanted me to meet someone.”

Kim spilled the beans to Scott in the same episode about her trip to New York to meet Fred. She began –

“What’s so funny is my friends wanted me to meet someone, so we go to New York, and we go to…”

Kim disclosed in a recent episode of The Kardashians that her acquaintances set her up with Fred. She stated that he “so meets the standards,” but that she “wants to sneak around a bit” before going public with him.

Kim’s relationship with Fred follows her breakup with Pete Davidson in August 2022. The couple dted for nine months and at one point even became engaged. Nevertheless, they ultimately resolved to part ways.

Kim appears to be very content in her current relationship with Fred, while it is not known how long they have been together. She seems very fond of him, as seen by the several times she has been spotted smiling and laughing with him.

Kim and Fred appear to be enjoying each other’s company for the time being, though only time will tell if their relationship will become official. What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with Fred? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Follow us on Twitter for additional updates of this kind.

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