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Is Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Again After Release From the Prison?

Is Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Again

Is Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Again

Alexee Trevizo is accμsed of kἰlling her newborn son and throwing his b0dy in the garbage at the Artesia Hospital. On May 10, Artesia police aɼɼested Alexee Trevizo following an inquiry into the deἀth of a newborn.

A newborn baby was found in a hospital restroom on January 27, prompting an investigation by an officer from the Artesia Police Department. Trevizo was about to take an emergency trip to Lovelace Medical Center in Roswell, she was not questioned by authorities at the Artesia hospital.

Trevizo denied being pregnant to the police officer when she was getting treatment for lower back pain at the ER. She locked herself in a washroom when Trevizo and the hospital staff discovered her pregnancy through a lab test.

Alexee Trevizo

She waited for the medical staff to arrive and then opened the door. The nursing staff notified the police that she had been treated and that the restroom was filthy. Members of staff looked through the tops of trash cans and the restroom but found nothing.

However, a worker noticed that the trash bag was noticeably heavier than normal when it was emptied. When the two nurses opened the bag, they found a newborn boy who was cold and unconscious.

When the baby’s b0dy was found the physicians performed an autopsy; if you’re curious to read what they found check out the post below:

Recently, Alexee Trevizo was released from jaἰl before her trial began. Trevizo’s release was conditionally granted by the court. Treviso will be allowed to continue his education and earn his diploma. But it is not yet confirmed whether she is pregnant or not again. 

Note: We made this post for informational purposes. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here. If you want to share your thoughts and any information related to Alexee you can share it with us in the comments section below.

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