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Tan Mom Couch: How did Co-host Robin Quivers React on it?

Tan Mom Couch: How did Co-host Robin Quivers React on it?

Tan Mom Couch

Tan Mom may be one of the most well-known Wack Packers in the entire world but try finding her when she’s seated on a brown leather couch. It all began when Stern Show correspondent Wolfie was informed by Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil that she had started seeing a new guy.

They had been seeing each other for more than four months, but it appears that they haven’t yet had any s*xual activity or produced soup to use the Wack Packer’s slang term. Tan’s Mom’s husband said to Wolfie over the phone, “We haven’t finished the soup, but we definitely opened the can.”

At this time, Wolfie and staff member Chris Wilding traveled to Florida to speak with the happy couple since they had more questions than they did answers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a simple task. To begin with, the beau instructed Chris to address him as Craig or even Greg, while Tan’s Mom addressed him as Cole.

Tan Mom Couch

The issue according to Wolfie was as perplexing as it appeared. He wasn’t even certain that the man they encountered was the same one he had talked to on the phone. Tan’s Mom had become so tan in recent years that she entirely blended in with her brown leather couch making it often impossible to even find her.

When co-host Robin Quivers saw the image of Tan’s Mom curled up on the couch between Wolfie and Cole, she exclaimed:

“Oh my god! You cannot make her out, There’s three people sitting on the couch, but when you look you only see two people … and then all of a sudden you realize the couch has hair.”

Robin continued, laughing:

“She may be sitting on the couch while someone breaks into her home and she wouldn’t even know it.”

Wolfie agreed, “She’s like the Predator.” You can check out the video related to Tan Mom Couch provided below:

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