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Kaylee Goodman Obituary – Lexington High School Student kἰlled in Crἀsh

According to Clark County Coroner Neal Oliver, a 17-year-old Lexington high school student was klled Tuesday evening (June 6) when her vehicle collided with a tree on Athens-Boonesboro Road.

Oliver stated that Kaylee Goodman pssed away late on Tuesday night. Acting Lexington principal Andrea Tinsley informed families Wednesday that Goodman was a senior at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and that the school had suffered “a devastating loss.”

Principal of PLD Andrea Tinsley issued the following statement to the Dunbar families –

“Dear PLD Families: I am deeply saddened to inform you that we have suffered a devastating loss within our PLD community. Last night, Kaylee Goodman, a senior at Dunbar, pssed away in a tragic accident. Kaylee was known for her kindness and her ability to connect with others, and her absence will be deeply felt by her teachers, friends, and classmates.”

“It is possible that your child has already heard about this heartbreaking news today, but we wanted to communicate with all families so that you have the opportunity to discuss it with your child at home. We encourage you to ask them about their feelings and emotions and to openly share your own as well.”

“Some children may be particularly upset and need more support. It is normal for reactions to be intense initially, but they usually diminish over time. The most important thing you can do is listen attentively, provide reassurance, and offer comfort.”

“Please look for changes in behavior that may signal that your child needs additional grief support. If you feel your child needs any help or resources, please talk to our counselors or your healthcare provider so we can work together to support your child. ”

Tinsley said –

“Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns, or if our team can offer any additional support and encouragement for your student.”

“Let us come together as a community, supporting one another during this time of immense grief. Our hearts go out to Kaylee’s family and friends and all those affected by this trgedy.”

kaylee goodman obituary

Do you know that Owen Fudge, who was 16 years old and from the town of Ethel, was klled in an accident? The incident, which occurred in East Feliciana Parish on June 6 evening, is currently being investigated by Louisiana State Police Troop A:

Our deepest sympathies are with Kaylee’s loved ones and all those who have been affected by this trgedy. You can leave your condolences in the comment area below for Kaylee Goodman, a high school student who ded in Lexington. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive more obituary notifications like this one.

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