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Gwen Stacy is Trans in Across The Spider-Verse… Theory Confirmed or Not?

Is Gwen Stacy Trans in Across the Spider Verse

Is Gwen Stacy Trans in Across the Spider Verse

With the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in theaters worldwide, fans are beginning to speculate if Gwen Stacy is trnsgender in the new sequel. The sequel to Sony’s animated blockbuster smash Into the Spider-Verse has arrived five years after its predecessor. Across the Spider-Verse is now in theaters, and fans around the globe are already praising it.

As with any recent MCU or Sony-affiliated film, this installment provides some answers but also raises numerous new concerns. While we must wait until Beyond the Spider-Verse concludes Miles Morales’s story for definitive answers, that hasn’t prevented fans from speculating in the meantime.

One such topic of conversation is Gwen Stacy’s identity. In addition to subtle hints supporting the theory, many have argued that her entire trajectory in the sequel represents the fact that she is indeed trans. Not only will we discuss smaller Easter eggs, but also major plot points from Across the Spider-Verse, so be warned.

SPOILER ALERT – If you desire to view the film without spoilers, do not continue reading.

Is Gwen Stacy in Across the Spider-Verse Trnsgender?

Gwen Stacy in Across the Spider Verse

There is no definitive answer to the query of Gwen Stacy’s gender identity at this time. Despite the fact that Across the Spider-Verse presents various pieces of evidence to support the theory, it never explicitly confirms the theory.

For instance, early in the sequel, we see Gwen Stacy’s bedroom in her distinct dimension. In a fleeting instant, one particular shot in this sequence reveals a flag hanging above her front door. This flag features the blue, pink, and white colors of the trnsgender pride flag, as well as the message, “Protect trans kids.”

In the majority of Gwen Stacy’s screen time in Across the Spider-Verse, additional references of a similar nature can be found. A more apparent example is the color of her hair in specific scenes, which also loudly and proudly represents the trans Pride flag colors.

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Throughout sequences in her dimension, the world’s distinctive art style frequently promotes the same theme, as blue, pink, and white backgrounds blend together. Again, without ever explicitly stating so, the author essentially promotes the theory.

One prominent online argument, however, is supported by a much larger body of evidence. The majority of Gwen Stacy’s tale in the sequel focuses on her troubled relationship with her father. As a police officer pursuing that dimension’s Spider-Woman, their shared arc primarily involves his struggle to embrace her identity as such.

Some followers have interpreted this story to reflect the emotional struggle many trans people face when coming out to their parents and attempting to gain acceptance.

Despite the theory’s plausibility, keep in mind that no confirmation will be established by the time the credits roll. As we await the third and final installment of the series, it’s likely that speculation will continue to run rampant.

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