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On Which Crἰme Story Candy Montgomery is Based On? Unraveling the Mystery

Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery

Both Hulu’s 2022 series Candy, starring Jessica Biel and HBO’s 2023 limited series Love & Deἀth, starring Elizabeth Olsen, are dramatic television works inspired by the events of June 13, 1980. If you’ve been following the tale closely, you may be curious as to whether or not Candy Montgomery has been arɼested for the muɼder of her close friend, Betty Gore.

Biel told E! News in 2022 that despite Candy’s supposed wrongdoings, she can identify with her character. She claimed she could relate to the ladies in the show because “as we started to get into it and started to understand who these characters are, just the pathology of what it was like to be a woman back then in the ’80s,” she added.

I could see myself having some of the same problems they have. She went on to say-

“The strain of being a woman and trying to do it all with a smile on your face, family responsibilities, career demands, everything. I can relate to that.”

Is Candy Montgomery still out there, or did she end up in prison for Betty Gore’s muɼder? Find out if Candy Montgomery is still alive and learn the truth about Candy and Love & Deἀth.

What Happened to Candy Montgomery?

What Happened to Candy Montgomery

The miniseries Love & Deἀth was inspired by Jim Atkinson and Joe Bob Briggs’s real crἰme book Evidence of Love. Candy (real name Candice Wheeler), who had an affair with Betty Gore’s husband Allan Gore, was accused of muɼdering her on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas. At a service at the United Methodist Church of Lucas in Collin County, Texas, middle school teacher Betty met Candy, who lived nearby with her husband, Pat Montgomery, and their two children.

Texas Monthly reports that during a hypnosis session with psychotherapist Dr. Fred Fason, Candy was admitted to the muɼder. At her trial, she testified that she had gone to Betty’s house to get a swimsuit for Alisa, Betty’s daughter, who was spending the night with Candy and her husband.

Betty questioned Candy at Betty’s house about her affair with Allan, and Candy admitted to having one but said it had happened a “long time ago.” During the trial, Candy testified that Betty had left the room to get an ax and then threatened her with never seeing Allan again.

Candy reported that Betty became angry at her because she had apologized to her as she picked up Alisa’s swimsuit. Candy said she and Betty got into a long fight in which Candy suffered injuries to her toe and head. Additionally, she stated that Betty informed her she wanted to “kἰll” her.

Candy further claimed that she successfully disarmed Betty with the ax and hacked at her pal with it in self-defense. Candy sought to flee the room in a panic, claiming that Betty slἀmmed her body against the door to prevent her from leaving.

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Where is Candy Montgomery Now?

Where is Candy Montgomery Now

I need to know where Candy Montgomery is. Texas Monthly reports that Candy and her husband Pat relocated to Georgia shortly after the 1980 trial. Four years later, they called it quits. Candy reverted to her maiden name, Candace Wheeler, and continues to live and work as a mental health counselor in Georgia with her daughter, Jenny.

A representative for Candy was contacted by Biel, who told in 2022 that “she was interested in having any conversation whatsoever.” ‘She wasn’t interested,’ Biel added. Biel described Candy’s lawyer, Robert Udashen, as a “huge resource of information” for her role in the film. Udashen was one of two lawyers who defended Candy.

Biel elaborated on the reasons why she was interested in Candy and Betty’s defense of Candy. She explained that the couple had been leading “very normal, suburban lives” for the majority of their life before “boom,” as she put it, “this crazy thing” occurred.

She says:

“After this crazy thing happens, I still want you to weirdly be behind her, so she had to be beloved and likable and nice and kind and someone that you can really get behind.” “I just felt like I knew her,” Lynskey continued of Betty.

“And parts of me were parts of her.” What she went on to say was, “You’re living in this feeling, and it can sometimes feel slightly repetitive, but that’s also what depression feels like.”

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