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Who is Sarah Langs and What Kind of Disease Does She Have?

Sarah Langs

Sarah Langs

The best sport is and has always been baseball. Nobody does that better than Sarah Langs in terms of comprehension or communication. To know more about Sarah read out the post.

Who is Sarah Langs?

Sarah Langs is a television legend and an intrepid statistician for baseball. She was anxious half an hour before she was supposed to enter the field for a ceremony on Friday, June 2, 2023 at Citi Field.

As part of their celebration of Lou Gehrig Day, the Mets entertained Langs and her family for the majority of the afternoon. At exactly 8 p.m. ET, Shohei Ohtani was scheduled to start for the Angels in Houston interrupting Langs’ plans to watch the Mets play the Blue Jays from the Citi Field bleachers.

Sarah Langs

Langs, a longtime statistician for ESPN and a writer and researcher for had never missed one of Ohtani’s prior 74 starts. She was considering whether or not to bring her laptop with her.

That is typical of Langs, whose catchphrase “Baseball is the best!” has gained such notoriety that RotoWear printed it on a T-shirt sold it in bulk and earned more than $57,000 for Project ALS to use for research.

The Red Sox had left a T-shirt at each of the reporters’ seats when they arrived at Fenway Park to cover the game that night.

Sarah Langs Tweet about the T-shirt provided below:

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Which Illness Does Sarah Langs Have?

In 2021 Langs announced that she is suffering from ALS. The MLB community has made every effort to let Langs know how much her dedication and meticulous, amazing efforts are valued in the wake of the news.

Lou Gehrig Day is this weekend marking the beginning of MLB’s commitment to the cause as ALS Awareness Month comes to a close. Langs have taken the initiative to lead the fight giving her fist bumps for the cause all throughout the game and the wider sporting world and fandom community.

Sarah Langs

Sadly, there is still no treatment for this degenerative condition. However, it hasn’t taken Langs’ joy away and the baseball world is still battling for her and countless others.

Despite being a lifelong Mets supporter, Langs was overcome with Yankees-related emotion this week when a group of influential people — Gerrit Cole, Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman, Julia Steinbrenner, Omar Minaya, Buster Olney and PR whiz Jason Zillo greeted her.

Sarah thanked the Yankees for their support in a Tweet provided below:

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