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Hidden Strike Release Date: When is John Cena and Jackie Chan Movie Going to Air?

Hidden Strike Release Date

Hidden Strike Release Date

After yesterday’s (1 June) trailer for the John Cena and Jackie Chan action comedy Hidden Strike, the release date is hotly awaited. When can moviegoers anticipate seeing it in theaters? Know all details about the movie Hidden Strike below:

When is Hidden Strike Going to Release?

Hidden Strike

No exact date has been announced however Hidden Strike will be available in 2023. In its trailer, the film is just described as “coming soon” without any other information.

The film Hidden Strike will soon be released. No word on when it will be available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Max, or others like them.

John Cena, WWE Superstar and actor in Peacemaker plays Chris Van Horne in Hidden Strike. The role had been intended for Sylvester Stallone, but he backed out after the success of Rocky. In addition to Pilou Asbaek as Owen Paddock and Zhenwei Wang as Xiao Wei, action movie veteran Jackie Chan co-stars as Luo Feng.

A summary is as follows:

“In order to get a group of people working for an oil refinery to the safety of Baghdad’s Green Zone, two former special forces troops must work together.”

The new trailer is included below:


Fans of Jackie Chan will likely recognize the film’s style, which is similar to that of another Buddy Cop movie, Rush Hour. In addition, Chan will co-star with Chris Tucker in the much anticipated Rush Hour 4. Fans of the former WWE Champion will be pleased to know that he has acted in another successful action film, following up on his performance in Fast X.

Citadel Season 1 get a great success. It is produced by the Russo Brothers who have made many high-grossing movies like Avengers End Game, Infinity War and many others. The fans of The Citadel are also excited about its second season. Take a look at the below link:

Scott Waugh, director of Need on Speed and The Expendables 4, will helm the picture, in which Cena and Chan will play former special forces troops thrown together on a task. More details, including the release date, will be made available to the public in the coming months.

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