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Game 6: Dallas Stars Defy the Odds and Swing in Their Favor

Game 6 Dallas Stars Defy the Odds and Swing in Their Favor

Game 6 Dallas Stars Defy the Odds and Swing in Their Favor

In the immortal words of Monty Python’s nameless bubonic plague victim, “I’m not deἀd yet.” The Dallas Stars looked like a deἀd man walking only two games ago. They faced terrible odds after falling behind 3-0 to the Golden Knights.

Only four teams have returned from a 3-0 deficit in the NHL. And to get four, one must go back to 1942 when the Maple Leafs defeated the Red Wings by coming from behind. Because of this, in Game 3, both the squad and the crowd lost their composure. 3-0 meant instant execution.

Dallas Stars Have a Chance to Reach the Stanley Cup Final

Dallas Stars may now return home for a chance to square the series after sweeping Games 4 and 5. Jamie Benn, the team captain, and the Stars’ home crowd have an opportunity to atone for their dishonest behavior in Game 3, and the team has a chance to pull off the seemingly impossible and come back from a 3-0 hole.

Depending on the bookmaker you go to, the Dallas Stars have tilted the odds in their favor. Due to their one-game advantage, Las Vegas remains the series favorite, but the Stars have added some intrigue. Many now predict that they will win Game 6, and from there, anything is possible.

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The Golden Knights are under pressure after two straight home losses. They do not want Game 7 of this series to be played. They don’t want to experience this suffocation caught on the wrong side of momentum. They intend to do business in Dallas and will leave inspired and determined.

The Stars don’t want to breathe out. They warmly welcome their captain Benn back and reclaim the self-assurance their three straight defeats had taken away. They’ve done well with their “one game at a time” approach, and you can know that everyone will be fired up to make amends on Monday.

To advance, the Stars must win both of their games. That’s no easy task, so 3-0 teams overwhelmingly prevail in their series. It’s still a brutal fight. But because they just won two straight, they know they can. And now they have their captain back (they had been thinking about him on Saturday) and their home fans.

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