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Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report: What Was Conclude After 10 Years of Death?

Dylan Redwine, a 13 years old guy kἰlled brutally, by his father with some others in 2012. The news was viral after the innocent boy was found in uncommon condition in his father’s clothes including a diaper.

 And because of these allegations, his father Mike Redwineb invited to the Dr. Phil program in 2013, where he denied all the questions regarding his involvement in his son’s mυrder. But if he is not involved why does he want to run away from the polygraph test, audience asked. 

Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report

Dylan’s body was received from the morgue for again autopsy examination. The little child disappeared when he was 13 and was discovered in a  remote area of Vallecito, Colorado. His death reasons were mysterious as after several months of his missing report he was founded.

Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report

“I can’t say that the cause of death is known,” said Dr. Robert Kurtzman 2021, who is now the chief medical examiner for the state of Montana. “The only thing I know with reasonable certainty is that this has a perimortem fracture on the skull, and there are cut marks on the skull.”

He concluded the 13-year-old Dylan dἰed by homicide. The autopsy examination is intense only to reveal death reasons. Examinations of his body revealed advanced decomposition, having a long time of exposure to the elements. As rigor mortis and livor mortis were found on her body this implies that for a long time, he was dead. The remaining identification was characterized by dental records.

The baby was observed with several fractures like the left humerus, right femur, and several ribs. It seems that it was an act of animal or environmental factors after his death. 

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Where is Mark Redwine Now?

Mark Redwine, Dylan’s father also involved in his death somehow. For his connection with his son’s death, he was charged. After the case went public it get media attention and scrutiny. But where is Mark Redwine now, it is not opened by any of his family members.

Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report

So it is mysterious now, where is the kἰller? Elaine Hall, Dylan’s mother also contribute to her ex-husband’s trial. She testified all her last time interactions with her son. She emotionally shared her feeling when she hugged her son for the last time, before his death. His half-brother Brandon Redwine said during the testimony:

 “It got my attention on a very big level.” he said, “I remember telling my wife, ‘he’s telling me what happened, he’s not telling me what exactly was used, but we don’t have enough information to be thinking about blunt force trauma. It just shocked me, I didn’t know where it was coming from.'” 

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