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Yellowjackets Season 3: Get Ready for Next Chapter After the Writers Strike!

Yellowjackets Season 3

Yellowjackets Season 3

Yellowjackets’ second season left viewers with more questions than answers as the Showtime sensation deepened the long-running mystery surrounding the group’s sojourn in the wilderness. In the most recent episodes, the teenagers encountered extreme adversity during the harsh winter, including their first experiences with cannibalism and the deἀth of Shauna’s child.

In the present, Shauna’s family is still dealing with the effects of the pἀssing of her lover Adam when the episode first featured Lottie and Van as adμlts. The teen and adμlt protagonists are left in shock after significant dἰsasters in the climax, ready to face whatever comes next.

Here is what we currently know about Yellowjackets’ third season.

Will the Yellowjackets Return for a Third Season?

Season 3 of Yellowjackets is coming. The show’s creators have been quite open about their five-season plan, and before Season 2 even aired, Showtime had made a formal order for Season 3. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the co-creator Ashley Lyle stated, “The original plan was about five seasons, and we feel like we’re still on track for that.”

However, after just one day in the writer’s room and the start of the ongoing WGA strike, Yellowjackets Season 3 production was halted. Lyle stated in a Tweet-

Well, we had exactly one day in the #YellowJackets S3 writers’ room. It was amazing, and creatively invigorating, and so much fun, and I’m very excited to get back to it as soon as the #WGA gets a fair deal. #1u #unionstrong.”

There you have it—Yellowjackets Season 3 is on the way, but some even more crucial issues must be resolved first. If you needed more of a cause to hope for the Writers in the industry to get a fair contract and resume working, there you go.

When Will the Third Season of Yellowjackets Premiere?

Once more, when the WGA strike ends will significantly impact that. Based only on schedule, Yellowjackets’ Season 1 aired in late 2021 through the beginning of 2022, and Season 2 aired from spring 2023 through the summer.

Therefore, the predicted start date is likely to be in late summer 2024, but given the ongoing WGA strike, we’ll most likely start later—probably at least a few months.

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