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What Happened to Tom Kim, Two-Time PGA Tour Winner?

Tom Kim

Tom Kim

On Thursday, May 18, 2023 afternoon, Tom Kim bathed in the river at Oak Hill Country Club. That is the scenario Kim found himself in late in his first round at the PGA Championship which is as absurd as it sounds. On the par-4 sixth hole, Kim’s drive went into the water or more precisely into the mud.

After searching through the weeds for his ball, he returned to the fairway completely covered in mud. In Kim’s defense, it appeared that he made an effort to lessen the harm. Although he pulled off his shoes and rolled his slacks up to his knees, it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Kim then made her way back to the brook that crossed the fairway and dove right in. Unfortunately, the exact moment is not captured on camera, but the aftermath was breathtaking and that moment you can check out in the tweet provided below.

As predicted, the internet exploded with images and video footage of this incredible sequence of events in a matter of seconds. Laughter-inducing moments inundated social media channels and internet trolls quickly made artistic tweaks.

With three and a half holes left in the game, Tom realized he couldn’t go on looking like a walking mud monster. He returned to the scene to wash off the grime and this time, the cameras were careful to follow him closely.

Tom Kim

He delivered some clean shoes, dry socks and a long-sleeved shirt to take the place of Tom’s soiled Nike polo. Talk about a quick change of look! But you have to give Tom credit. He maintained his composure and continued despite the embarrassing slip and ensuing mud bath.

When Tom walked off his final hole of the day, a Sports Illustrated media person questioned him, “You good?” and the situation became even funnier. Tom realized a little while later that there were images and worse, memes.

During the post-game press conference, the South Korean athlete was upbeat about the situation and laughed at that incident. You can see him laughing in the Tweet shared below:

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