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Does Paramount+ Series ‘Good Burger 2’ is Under Production Now in North Providence?

Fans of Good Burger 2 in Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence get excited when they saw the cast of their favorite series. Lead stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are present there to begin their shooting. Mitchell could be seen opening his arms in the Good Burger uniform. They were captured on 18 May 2023, Thursday, in a restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence.

Production of the movie attracts fans to the restaurant so that they can get a glimpse of the actors. Mayor Charles Lombardi explains all the residents of the town are part of our production. Good Burger 2 is produced by Nickelodeon Studios and premiered on Paramount+ later in 2023. Thompson will appear as Dexter Reed and Mitchell as Ed.

This film revolves around the 90s film Good Burger. According to Rhode Island Film and TV Office Executive Director Steven Feinberg, everyone is excited about the upcoming movie.  

Good Burger 2

“I know Kenan and Kel are excited and Phil Trail who is the director is excited and we’ve got a lot of Rhode Islanders busy at work. They’re the ones who made this place look like Good Burger inside, pretty special,” said Feinberg.

 “We moved fast, there was also the potential writer’s guild strike, and possibly a screen actor’s guild strike and director’s strike, so it was a time crunch and pre-production was pretty short but everybody jumped into action and started to retrofit this old Friendly’s, it’s about to be torn down.”

North Providence Police Patrolman Cody Beaudette hinted about his team as the team has been pretty cool. A lot of people join us from the town to see different actors, you know keep traffic flowing, and watch all of the setup that goes into making a movie. When the driver stop their vehicle to see the venue glimpse, people gathered there to see their favorite actors.

Good Burger 2

Its first part was released 25 years from now. North Providence resident Juan Cintron explain that they never thought that season 2 will be in the headlines until its production will be completed. “I was hoping to see if I could bring one of my old DVDs here to get it signed but I couldn’t find it this morning,” said Cintron.

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Two more residents of North Providence, Allison Portillo and Stephanie Jordan join the crowd to see how to shoot a film. They were really excited to see it, to see the appearance of the cast today, because they both grew up watching the movie. “As a matter of fact, I grew up in Bolivia so this is kind of crazy to see,” said Jordan. You can read the below tweet:

Dexter put his hands up from the Good Burger job, but because of Ed he again takes a risk in the movie. The restaurant’s name changed from Old Friendly to Good Burger, and several other changes are going on in Mineral Spring Avenue. Including Street shops like Syroya’s Bakery also changed their name because it will be a part of the film and now it becomes Wilcox Workout Supplies.

Eugene said:

I actually posted that we’re still open and I posted a picture of that. I’m the workout place, the bakery turned into a workout supply shop.”

The owner of the business, Syroya’s Bakery shop, said that people start talking that now she has to close her business. But all the businesses, including hers, will be open during the shooting time also. In fact, it will help her to increase her popularity. Ans she wants to dedicate a special dessert for the film. Confirm from the below tweet: 

Feinberg also confirm that the production will be finished in Providence, Warwick, East Greenwich, and other parts of Rhode Island.

Feinberg told:

I’ve spoken to the production, and they said they couldn’t have had a nicer group of folks to work with, so it’s that Rhode Island hospitality, it goes a really long way.”

Several people massage and call the executive director so that they can meet the cast, and become the part of film somehow. He said: 

“There’s going to be a lot of extras, so if you haven’t signed up Rhode Island Casting which is a subsidiary of Boston Casting is looking for extras and that’s on our website.”

According to Feinberg’s statement, the production will be completed in June 2023.  To get more latest information bookmark our site

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