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Who is Zacharias Anderson… The One Who Gets Life Sentence for Murdeɼing His Ex’s Partner

Who is Zachariah Anderson

Who is Zachariah Anderson

Zachariah Anderson is currently under trial on the charge of kἰlling the man who was dἀting his ex-girlfriend. He was given a life sentence because of his conviction for the Murdeɼ of his ex-girlfriend’s new partner.

Including first-degree intentional homicἰde, concealing a corpse, and stalking, a jury found 42-year-old Anderson guilty of all four charges against him in March. Rosalio Gutierrez Jr.’s body has never been found.

Here is all you need to know him as the third week of Anderson’s trial in Kenosha County, Wisconsin has begun.

Who is Zachariah Anderson?

In 2023, 42-year-old Zachariah Anderson will go on trial for the Murdeɼ of Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. He is from Wisconsin’s Mequon. He had kids from a previous relationship with Sadie Beacham, but the two are now estranged.

Anderson has denied having any part in Gutierrez’s disappearance. He was arrested for Gutierrez’s disappearance and charged with Murdeɼ. On May 17, 2020, Zachariah Anderson allegedly used blunt force to kἰll 40-year-old Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. He faces a Class A felony charge of first-degree intentional homicἰde, which carries a life term in jail if proven.

According to Kenosha News, he is also accused of stalking and hiding a corpse, both felonies. Authorities claim that Sadie, Gutierrez’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children, was the reason Anderson allegedly Murdeɼed Gutierrez.

After Gutierrez went missing and was late to work for two days, the Kenosha police went to his house to see whether he was okay. When police arrived at Rosalio’s apartment, they “observed large amounts of bl00d in Rosalio’s apartment” that looked very fresh.

Anderson’s automobile, which the complaint states were missing a significant amount of carpet and smelled strongly of bleach, also had blood, allegedly belonging to Gutierrez. When authorities arrived, Anderson’s home and his family’s tree farm had fire pits still sm∅king. The pits contained articles of clothing and a bleach bottle that had been burned.

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The ex-girlfriend of Anderson informed the police that she and Gutierrez had been dἀting for a while, despite Anderson’s disapproval. Anderson and his ex-partner are parents to three children.

Nobody has yet located Gutierrez. However, the evidence provided by the police was sufficient to charge Anderson with Murdeɼ and stalking.

The woman who dἀted Anderson before they broke up claimed that he had given their daughter a cellphone so that she could record her angry mother. According to the lawsuit, the phone was allegedly hidden under the child’s vehicle seat so Anderson could monitor where his ex-girlfriend was at any given time.

According to Court TV, the jury deliberated for approximately 10 hours after hearing closing arguments. The four-week study opened on February 28 and concluded on March 5.

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