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Why Do Majority of Today’s Anime MCs Look Like Kirito?



Kirito has a fairly standard appearance, which explains why many anime characters resemble him. He has dark hair and is an ordinary 18-year-old. He has several video games Waifus and is a deity of video games. But he doesn’t precisely have a peculiar appearance.

What are the Characteristics of Kirito?

Kirito, also known as Kazuto Kirigaya is a fictional character and the main character of Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online series of light novels. He and the other 10,000 players learn that they cannot log out and are stranded in the simulation unless they succeed in beἀting the game after the game is made available to the wider public.

Kirito is voiced in the anime adaption by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in Japanese and Bryce Papenbrook in English. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, the main character of Sword Art Online was one of 1,000 testers in the game’s previous closed beta.

10,000 people participated in a survey about their favorite anime couples with Kirito and Asuna coming in first place. In addition, a Chinese website called Bilibili polled its users to determine which characters were the most “moe” in 2015. Kirito finished sixth among men and Asuna third among women.


Dengeki Bunko, the creator of Sword Art Online gave Asuna and Kirito first and second place finishes in a character poll for their light novels. Asuna and Kirito were included in Anime News Network’s list of the Top 7 Couples Who Make Love and War.

Kirito came in fourth in a different poll that would choose which characters would appear in a Sword Art Online artbook. The character has gained favorable critical acclaim and because of his popularity, he has appeared in numerous series of promotional campaigns and merchandising.

Kirito makes a cameo in a Namco gaming arcade promotion campaign from April 2015. The Man At Arms team of blacksmiths and artisans have created fan-made copies of Asuna’s “Lambent Light” and Kirito’s “Elucidator” rapiers.


Additionally, Sword Art Online-related perfumes bearing the Kirito, Asuna and Sinon names are offered for purchase. “Kirito” is described as “dry citrus with a touch of brandy, meant to evoke a mature spirit.” It layers Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Grapefruit and a foundation of musk and cognac over green apple, apricot and lime.

A “Kirito” model of the character-based Sword Art Online glasses was available. These matte black frames feature a cross and the Excalibur on each arm of the glasses. Characters from anime Christmas cards included Kirito, Godoka and Rin Matsuoka from Free! and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

He has also made appearances in various video games associated with Sword Art Online. This includes Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax which features a number of characters who have appeared in other works published under the Dengeki Bunko imprint.

In a costume exchange between the video games God Eater 2: Rage Burst and Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Asuna acquired the Julius outfit from Rage Burst while Kirito and Sinon were given to Lost Song. With the help of 15 anime production studios and manga publishers, the “Manga Anime Guardians” project launched a campaign featuring Asuna, Kirito and Leafa to fight anime and manga piracy.

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