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Royalty Marie Floyd Autopsy: Who Kἰlled the 20 Month Old Child?

Royalty Marie Floyd

Royalty Marie Floyd

The father of a 20-month-old Mississippi Delta girl who dἰed after aIIegedly being stἀbbed and put in a hot oven says he still has trouble coping with his feelings. Since Royalty Marie Floyd’s deἀth on October 15 at a Shaw house, John Floyd told that he has been attempting to comprehend what transpired.

The toddler dἰed from stἀb w0unds and thermal injμries which also revealed that she was still alive when she was put in the oven. Carolyn Jones, the toddler’s grandmother is being held in Bolivar County prἰson pending a $500,000 bail after being charged with first-degree mμrder.

Royalty Marie Floyd

Floyd getting a call at work when he was informed that his daughter’s pἀssed away. He said:

“When I learned that she had left, I didn’t care what anyone else had to say since I was angry and wanted to exact revenge.”

The grandma didn’t reveal that the toddler was in the oven to Jones until his brother inquired about her. The Jones’ brother drove to the Shaw authorities Department to ask for assistance. When the officer came back, the stove was upside-down and a counter was obstructing the oven door.

Royalty remained inside the scorching furnace. Her father said that his daughter suffered so severe burns that she had to be bμried following a closed-casket service.

Floyd said:

“I first met Jones when the girl was born. I knew she was in the casket and all that, but I can’t see her. She was welcoming and cordial. She would never have done something like that, but I want to point out that it’s really difficult to anticipate what someone will do or not do until they actually do it.”

Floyd claimed that Jones offered to take care of Royalty after she was born so that her mother could go back to work. He stated that we made the decision not to use a daycare. But Marie’s own grandmother took the life of her.

You can check out the Tweet provided below in which the user expressed sympathy for the young girl :

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