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Is Rough Diamonds is Available to Watch on Netflix?

Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet’s eight-part crἰme thrἰller Rough Diamonds on Netflix tells the narrative of a family’s history against the backdr0p of a seedy underworld which is the standard streaming story.

Rough Diamonds is available to watch on Netflix now, as confirmed by a Tweet from the service’s official account.

A young Jewish man is wide awake in bed. Yanki Wolfson (Vincent Van Sande) gets out of bed washes his hands and dresses in his customary attire, but forgets to bring his diamond-encrusted watch. Every day, he walks the few blocks from his apartment in central Antwerp to the Wolfson Diamonds headquarters near the diamond trade.

He then manages to steal the guard’s gμn runs into an office and sh00ts himself. At the Brussels airport with his son Tommy McCabe (Casper Knopf) who takes his mother’s maiden name Noah Wolfson (Kevin Janssens) who abandoned his family’s Orthodox sect 15 years ago.

Rough Diamonds

However, he was not informed about his brother Yanki’s pἀssing by his fractious family. He also learned that Yanki was a gambling addict who owed tens of thousands of euros to a bookie. He returns home unexpectedly for Yanki’s bμrial where his sister Adina (Ini Massez) and brother Eli (Robbie Cleiren) are overjoyed to see him after 15 years apart.

His friend Sammy Silber (Joost Vandecasteele) breaks the news of Yanki’s deἀth and provides him with the bookie’s name. The bookie is unmoved by his threἀts and informs Noah that Yanki sought help from Eli but was turned away.

When he returns home and tells his family indignantly, Eli denies that such a thing occurred saying that even if it did protect the family’s reputation was more essential. Noah is clearly frustrated and cites this as an explanation for his depἀrture.

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