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Which Bayern Munich Star is on The Radar of Real Madrid?

Real Madrid needs some reinforcement to return the form back. While Ferland Mendy is through under injuries one after the other, and another player Carlo Ancelotti is struggling with a bad position. Only escaping replacement David Alaba is not capable to play, because of some fitness issues. 

Now Ancelotti has to choose Eduardo Camavinga or Nacho Fernandez to get the best performance, not as they were performing. Real Madrid player Mendy’d time is coming close and he left the team if he will not offer at least $ 40 million. From Rayo Vallecano, Fran Garcia will join the team in the summer. And other remaining players are also on the radar. 

Bayern Munich Star is on The Radar of Real Madrid

Check out for more players who will change their team:

Which Bayern Munich Star is on the radar of Real Madrid?

The Bayern Munich star is on the radar of Real Madrid as of saying. Do you curious to know who is he? The start is Alphonso Davis who recently transferred from the Munchi players list. And Real Madrid is taking an eye on him. After two years his contract will be over with Bayern and it is interesting if Real can get a levis offer for him to join.

Bayern Munich Star is on The Radar of Real Madrid

As he started at Bayern and contribute a lot to defending the Bundesliga champions for his team. You can say him the fastest player accord the Europe which is the best option for offense right this time. Always stay with us at for more latest updates like this. 

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