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Is Trey Parker Gay or It is Just a Rumor?

Is Trey Parker Gay

Is Trey Parker Gay

American actor, animator, filmmaker and composer Trey Parker was born on October 19, 1969. He and his writing partner, Matt Stone are famous for their work on South Park (airing since 1997) and The Book of Mormon.

Parker met his future wife, Stone at the University of Colorado in Boulder where they both studied film and music. The two worked together on a number of short films. They also co-wrote and co-starred in the feature-length musical Cannibal! The Musical.

Parker and Stone uprooted Hollywood for their second feature, Orgazmo. South Park debuted on Comedy Central in August 1997, a full year before the film’s release. The two have complete artistic freedom with the series and have released original soundtracks and video games based on it.

Both critics and viewers of the film adaptation of the series, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, enjoyed it. After years of preparation, Parker’s The Book of Mormon finally made its Broadway debut to rave reviews and he went on to write, produce, direct and star in the satirical action film Team America: World Police.

Is Trey Parker Gay?

In 2006, Parker wed Emma Sugiyama. Norman Lear who created sitcoms in the ’70s, presided. In 2008, they decided to divorce. Parker eventually started dating Boogie Tillmon and the two eventually tied the knot in 2014. Because of this union, Parker now has a stepson.

In 2013, they welcomed a baby girl named Betty Boogie Parker. Irreconcilable differences led to the couple’s divorce in 2019. They have reconciled to co-parent their child despite their ongoing divorce.

Is Trey Parker Gay

In an episode of ABC News’ Nightline from September 2006, Parker discussed his religious beliefs saying he has faith in a God and that there is knowledge that humanity does not yet understand but adding that it would take a long time to explain what he meant by that.

Parker considers every major faith to be silly. In his words, he said:

“I find the beliefs of every major religion hilarious. I can’t wrap my head around the Jesus myth. To show His love, God sent His one and only Son. Why did God have to have only one son, and why did that son have to die? Simply put, it’s poorly written. It gets awful by the middle of the second act.” 

We have not yet confirmed whether Trey Parker is gay or not. If we get any confirmation we will update you.

Note: We have made this article as per the information we got from sources. We don’t want to harm anyone’s feelings here.

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