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Disney+ Announces Avatar: Way of Water Streaming Release Specifics

Avatar: Way of Water

Avatar Way of Water

Disney+ has updated the Avatar: Way of Water home page with the film’s technical characteristics, suggesting the film will soon be available to stream.

When James Cameron’s latest film, Avatar, premiered in theaters in December, it was met with universal acclaim. A lot of people who saw it in theaters can’t wait to see it again — this time on their own time and in their own living rooms.

Unfortunately, despite Avatar: The Way of Water’s recent digital release, it is still not available on Disney+. There has been no announcement of when the film will be available on the streaming site as of this writing as per of sources. A new update, however, may indicate that plans are in the works to upload the sequel to streaming services.

Specifications for Avatar: The Way of Water on Disney+

The listing for Avatar: The Way of Water on Disney+ has been updated, much to the delight of fans. Under “available in the following formats,” new technical details have been added to the page’s footer.

Disney’s streaming service will provide the film in 4K Ultra HD, HD, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10, 5.1 surround sound, and Audio Description when it becomes available.

The Way of Water is categorized as “Science Fiction, Fantasy” and has a 3-hour and 12-minute runtime on Disney+. This revised set of specs may possibly indicate that Disney+ is planning to include Avatar 2 in its service, but this is purely conjectural at this point.

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Watching the Whole Second Avatar Movie Online

Watching the Whole Second Avatar Movie Online

Not surprisingly, you can watch Avatar: The Way of Water online in pretty much every high-end and simple format there is.

James Cameron being James Cameron, it’s likely that these specifications will be revised as time goes on and new technologies emerge. Disney+’s streaming service won’t offer the 3D effects that have become a trademark of the franchise.

Unfortunately, the trend of using that technology in home theater systems ended quite a few years ago, so fans who want to get the most out of Cameron’s Avatar flicks need to watch them in a cinema.

While the complete film isn’t available online just yet, viewers may see a free nine-minute preview on Vudu that shows Jake Sully and his family adjusting to life in the Metkayina Clan.

The highly anticipated sequel, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is out in theaters and available for digital purchase around the world.

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