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Is X-Men ’97 Promising Release Date Updated by Disney+ Yet?

X-Men '97 Release Date

X-Men '97 Release Date

The postponement of multiple Marvel Studios projects has resulted in a promising new update to X-Men ’97, the reboot of the original Animated Series.

Marvel Studios is undergoing a significant transformation at the moment. From the reboot of Blade to the cancellation of Armor Wars to the postponement of Avengers: Secret Wars, nothing is as it once was.

Echo, a Disney+ series, and possibly Ironheart, another Disney+ project, have both been delayed until 2024. The Marvels were affected just as much as anyone else by the wave of release date changes.

Those anticipating the return of the animated X-Men: 1997 may yet be in luck.

X-Men ’97 Release Date

A hopeful update on the X-Men ’97 release date was recently tweeted about.

The release of X-Men ’97 this year was reported on Twitter by @XMenUpdate.

“Despite reports of Marvel Studios working to spread out releases and giving projects more time in post-production – ‘X-Men ’97’ is still tentatively scheduled to debut on @DisneyPlus this upcoming fall.”

Showrunner Beau DeMayo replied with an emoji of a winking face.

A second more explicit tweet followed suggesting that the Fall 2023 release date for X-Men: 1997 remains unchanged.

“Trust me, I’d be the first to say something if something changes.”

X-Men #97 is coming this fall, as was previously said. No firm date for the release, however, has been announced. Fans can expect the revival series to premiere on Disney+/Disney+ Hotstar between September and December, in keeping with the show’s traditional fall release date.

In other words, Marvel Studios has not confirmed this.

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What can readers of X-Men ’97 anticipate?

What can readers of X-Men ’97 anticipate

Nothing has been finalized regarding the original series plot. Since X-Men ’97 is a continuation of the original series, viewers can anticipate that it will begin up right where the series finale left off.

The original series ended with an unwell Professor X being transported to her homeworld by Empress Lilandra Neramani of the S’hiar Empire to be cured. After Professor X left Earth, he was farewelled by Magneto and the rest of the X-Men.

Lilandra Neramani is the queen of the S’hiar empire in the comics, and she has a close relationship with Charles Xavier (Professor X). After Xavier, while under the influence of supervillain Cassandra Nova, exploited the Sh’iar empire to wipe out both humans and mutants, the Sh’iar council annulled their marriage.

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