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Who is the Serial Killer Stalking Men in Austin, Texas?

Who is the Serial Killer Stalking Men in Austin

Who is the Serial Killer Stalking Men in Austin

After a number of deaʈhs in Austin over the past year, there has been more talk on social media about the possibility of a serial kἰller in the Texas capital. A 33-year-old man named Jonathan Honey dἰed sometime after 2 a.m. on Friday, March 31.

He was the most recent person to dἰe. Honey’s body was found in Lady Bird Lake the next day. He was the second person to be found in the lake in the past six weeks, and at least the seventh body to be pulled from the lake in the past 10 months.

Because of rumors on the Internet, the Austin Police Department release a statement that there is no evidence that any of the recent deaʈhs were caused by foul play.

The statement read –

“One common theme of the drownings in Austin this year is the combination of alcohol and easy access to Lady Bird Lake.”

Autopsies of the victims “have not revealed any trauma to the bodies or indication of foul play.” It is not clear if these autopsies also had toxicology panels.

People often drown by accident after a night out in cities that are known for their nightlife and have bodies of water nearby. According to the CDC, men are especially at risk because they spend more time in water, take more risks, and drink more alcohol.

Honey went missing after spending the night on Austin’s Rainey Street, a short strip on the east side of downtown with more than a dozen bars. Locals still call Lady Bird Lake, a reservoir on the Colorado River, “Town Lake,” which is right next to the south end of Rainey Street.

Have you heard of the Julie Love Murdeɼ case? You can also read more about this case further down. In July 1988, the kidnapping of little Julie Love captivated Georgia’s media:

Honey came to Austin from Washington, D.C. to go to a friend’s bachelor party. After the bars on the street closed, she was last seen at a food truck. The victim found in February was a 30-year-old man named Jason John.

He was reported missing on February 5 and, like Honey, was last seen walking along Rainey Street after 2 a.m. John’s family held a vigil in his honor on February 11, stating that he “was presumed to have drowned.” His body was pulled out of the lake later that same day, in the evening.

John’s family started asking for better security around the lake after he went missing. For example, they wanted lighting along the trails and security cameras on Rainey Street.

austin texas serial kἰller rainey street

Serial kἰllers aren’t very common, but that hasn’t stopped people on social media from wondering if one is following men in Austin. The most recent victims were all men in their 20s and 30s who were out having a good time, which has helped fuel the theories.

Since it started in early February, the same week John’s body was found, the number of people in a Facebook group called Lady Bird Lake Serial Kἰller/ Rainey St Kἰller has grown to more than 50,000.

When you search “austin serial kἰller” on Tiktok, you get a lot of videos with people telling partygoers not to go to Rainey Street alone and to use the buddy system. One man even used Google Maps to show where the alleged victims were last seen and where their bodies were found.

A user on Reddit thought that people might be getting drugs in their drinks at bars along the street. In the same thread, another user posted a list of people who drowned in Lady Bird Lake in what seemed to be mysterious ways as far back as 2008.

Some people disagree with the serial kἰller theory. They say that the rise of true crime media, like the Gabby Petito case and the recent kἰllings of four college students in Idaho, is to blame.

Evil Mopac, a Twitter user, put out a newsletter in which he called the evidence “spotty” and asked Austin Police to be more open and proactive about addressing the concerns of Austinites. In the meantime, at least seven families have lost loved ones and don’t know much about how they dἰed.

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