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Hoovies Garage Selling Cars: Tyler Hoover’s Incredible Ferrari 348 and Audi S5

Hoovies Garage Selling Cars

Hoovies Garage Selling Cars

Hoovies Garage is a popular automotive channel hosted by Tyler Hoover on YouTube. For a living, Tyler buys and sells cars after having worked as a car salesman and then as an automotive writer and YouTuber. Recently Tyler Hoover shared a video on his Youtube channel “Hoovies Garage” in which he said:

“Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage, I appreciate everyone’s interest and hope to have a new garage announcement soon”.

See Tyler’s cars collection in the video embedded below:

Tyler said, “I currently have two listings up on Cars & Bids, with more to come in the near future”. Tyler post a Tweet on his official Twitter account and said, “In addition to the 5 cars I’m selling on @carsandbids, there’s also a chance to buy my old Ferrari 348 in all its bus seat material glory”.

Features related to the Ferrari 348 of Tyler:


Equipments of Ferrari 348:

Ferrari 348

Some of the Modifications Reported by the Seller Include:

Service History:

Doug DeMuro Tweeted about the second car of Tyler in which he described “the Audi S5 — a beautiful car with a V8, a 6-speed manual and its characteristic”.

Features of Audi S5 of Tyler:


Audi S5



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