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FBI Nina Pregnant: Is She Expecting a Child in Season’s Finale?

FBI Nina Pregnant

FBI Nina Pregnant

In the FBI shows, who plays Nina? Is Shantel Vansanten expecting a child? Someone or something on Shantel VanSanten may have fooled several people into thinking she was pregnant. Read details about whether Nina is pregnant in the show or also in real life below.

Is FBI Nina Pregnant?

Is Nina Pregnant

Scola (John Boyd) and Nina (Shantel VanSanten) of the FBI are expecting a child. In the premiere of the autumn season’s final episode, “Fortunate Son,” Nina tells Scola that she has something “wonderful” to discuss but that she will have to track him down later.

Scola, who had just learned she was pregnant and had decided to quit the team, was overjoyed when Nina told her she was going to have the kid. But then she had another bombshell in store for him, and the situation changed.

Nina stated, “The point is, I want to do it on my own.” The bewildered Scola couldn’t shake Nina’s resolve. She finally came out and said: “I just think it’s better if I raise the baby on my own.” You can take part if you wish to… I want nothing more than to be in charge of my own life and the lives of my unborn child.

Nina was aware that this possibility existed because she was eager to apply for a position in the Intelligence division in Los Angeles. She also disclosed to Scola that she had conferred with legal counsel to formalize their relationship. Scola was shocked because he thought Nina wanted him to sign away his rights, but Nina insisted that all she wanted was for them to be on the same page.

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Is Nina expecting a child in Real Life?

Is Nina expecting a child in Real Life

The famous One Tree Hill actress was seen on a dinner date with her long-term lover outside of her apartment on Monday (April 3, 2023), prompting speculation that she is pregnant. One source says she “twice made toasts… by sipping water instead of wine,” while another says “toasting with anything but a full glass of wine” is the norm.

When queried by a reporter about the allegations, the actress’s spokeswoman stated, “I do not comment on her personal life.” Pregnancy speculations have been spreading online for the past 24 hours, following the engagement speculation from earlier this week.

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