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A Passenger on a Virgin Cruises Ship fell off a Balcony and D!ed

On Virgin Cruises Passenger Died

On Virgin Cruises Passenger Died

A passenger on Sunday 2 April, fell from a balcony on the Valiant Lady, a cruise ship operated by Virgin Voyages and d!ed, a company representative said on Monday.

An on-board medical issue occurred “last evening shortly after departure,” the airline’s spokeswoman said. “Despite prompt medical assistance, this guest who fell from their balcony to the lower deck has tragically passed away.”

When the incident occurred, the ship was en route to Roatan, Honduras. The ship was immediately rerouted back to its original starting port of Miami, Florida.

A Passenger on a Virgin Cruises Ship fell off a Balcony and D!ed

The representative confirmed that the Valiant Lady had arrived in Miami early on Sunday morning but had already left and resumed the voyage after making necessary adjustments to the schedule.

The Virgin Voyages spokeswoman added, “We are grieved by this loss of life and our hearts and thoughts are with this person’s loved ones.”

Due to the “very sensitive and incredibly sad issue,” Virgin has chosen to remain silent on the specifics of the passenger’s case. A representative for Virgin claimed the company would never intentionally reveal private information about the family.

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The “MerMaiden” trip of the Valiant Lady set sail on November 4, 2022, and the ship can accommodate 2,700 guests and 1,150 crew members.

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