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Who is Jelly Roll? His Journey From Streets to Stage

Who is Jelly Roll

Who is Jelly Roll

Many artists’ background stories were discussed in our posts. One of your favorite star “Jelly Roll” will be the topic of today’s post. Let’s read the whole post to find out who Jelly Roll is, what he’s done, and everything else connected to him.

Who is Jelly Roll?

Jelly Roll is the stage name of American musician Jason DeFord (born December 4, 1984), who has worked with artists like Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne and Ryan Upchurch. On April 2, 2023, he was awarded three CMT prizes. Antioch on Nashville’s south side is where Jason DeFord spent his formative years.

Rolling with Jelly Roll: SNO’s Year-Round Journey

Almost 6.3 million people have watched the video for “Pop Another Pill,” a 2010 collaboration between Jelly Roll and Memphis rapper Lil Wyte. The hip-hop group SNO followed up this single with the album Year Round in April 2011 on the Hypnotize Minds label.

DJ Paul and Juicy J were responsible for the album’s production. In addition to the Gamblin’ on a Whiteboy series, Jelly Roll also dropped the Healing Music series. On October 26, 2012, he released The Big Sal Story, his first solo studio album.

Jelly Roll

He has worked on four albums with Struggle Jennings, one album with Lil Wyte and BPZ as SNO and two albums with Haystak. Jelly Roll’s 2013 mixtape was originally titled Whisky, Marijuana, & Waffle House, but the title was changed after legal threats were made by the restaurant chain.

The “cease and desist” mark replaced the Waffle House emblem on the new cover. Jelly Roll has two children from a prior relationship and he and his wife, Bunnie DeFord, nicknamed Bunnie XO have four children together.

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Jelly Roll’s Transformation to Country Music

In 2017, he began releasing a series of CDs with Struggle Jennings titled Waylon and Willie marking his gradual transformation to country music. Ballads of the Broken was released in 2021 on Jason Aldean’s BBR Music Group label.

Jelly Roll stated that after performing at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time, he decided to pursue a career in country music. Craig Morgan, a fellow member of the Grand Ole Opry served as an inspiration. Jelly Roll’s tenacity and bravery are inspiring.

The musician has numerous tattoos covering his face as a result of his time spent in and out of prison. Many minor crimes, such as aggravated robbery and narcotics possession with the intent to supply were filed against him before he turned 21.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll spent nearly 12 years behind bars before he began to write songs about the events, people and emotions that had shaped his life. In 2013, Jelly Roll’s Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House mixtape was altered, causing further chaos in his career.

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