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32 Injured in Blast at St. Petersburg Cafe, 10 in Critical Condition

St. Petersburg Cafe Explosion

St. Petersburg Cafe Explosion

An explosion at a St. Petersburg cafe on Sunday, April 2, 2023, k!lled a prominent Russian military blogger, officials claimed.

According to Cnn reports, A blast destroyed the cafe where pro-war group Cyber Front Z guest speaker Vladlen Tatarsky was appearing, k!lling him and everyone else inside. The investigation has been labeled a murd*r investigation.

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, at least 32 persons were injured in the explosion, with 10 of them being in critical condition. State media stated that all patrons of the cafe were being questioned by investigators.

Damage to the structure housing the cafe was captured on camera. The Russian Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg has confirmed that they are looking into a homicide. The agency reported that investigators and forensic specialists had arrived at the area and were working to determine what caused the explosion.

St. Petersburg Cafe Explosion

The Russian Ministry of the Interior also verified Tatarsky’s dea†h due to the explosion. According to TASS, St. Petersburg Prosecutor Viktor Melnik went to the area to coordinate the efforts of law enforcement and emergency personnel.

According to Russian media, Tatarsky may have been k!lled by a bomb concealed in a figurine that a woman had given to him just before the explosion. Authorities and witnesses were cited by Russian state media as saying that the woman was present at the event where Tatarsky was speaking.

One eyewitness, as reported by Ria Novosti, said:

“This woman sat at our table. I saw her from the back as she was turned away. When she gifted him the figurine, she went to sit in a different place by the window and forgot her phone at our table.”

The witness continued:

“The host at the stage took the figurine from the box and showcased it, Vladlen held it for a bit. They put it back and shortly after the explosion happened. I was running and my ears were blocked. There were many people with bl00d on them.”

The independent Telegram channel Astra Press reported:

“Everyone rushed to the exit when explosion happened. I myself saw the girl only until the moment of the explosion, when she gave a gift. She looked like an ordinary person.”

Cyber Front Z, a pro-war Telegram society, was holding an event when it went off. Sunday’s post from the group read:

“Dear friends and colleagues, During our regular event in a cafe we rented, there was a terrorist attack. We took certain security measures, but, unfortunately, they were not enough. Our condolences to the families and friends of the victims.”

The post said:

“Separate condolences to everyone who knew the wonderful war correspondent and our good friend Vladlen Tatarsky. Now we are cooperating with law enforcement agencies and we hope that all those responsible will be punished”.

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