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Bill Gates Networth 2023 Updated: “AI Will Change The Way People Work”

Bill Gates also known as William Henry Gates III, is an American businessman, philanthropist, and investor. Founder of Microsoft, presently positioned as CEO, chairman, and president at Microsoft.

You can say he was the reason for the revolution in microcomputers from 1970 to 1980. Now he placed himself in the fourth position on the list of richest people. After hearing about Bill Gates everyone is curious to know his net worth, source of income, and other details. 

How Much is Bill Gates’s Networth?

In 1987, he include himself in the list of richest people. In 2017 he left behind Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder whose net worth was US $90.6 billion at that time. In the recent month of March 2023, his estimated net worth is US $119 billion, and fourth wealthiest person in the world.

After developing Microsoft he invests in several companies. And now he is the founder of including BEN, Cascade Investment, TerraPower, bgC3, and Breakthrough Energy. 

Bill Gates Networth 2023 Updated

 Bill Gates Real Estate

In 2018, gates bought a property in Rancho Santa Fe, California, for $ 18 million for 228 acres. Weight loss tycoon Jenny Craig was the owner of that proper. Gates’s daughter Jennifer built their horse ranch because she loved to ride.

A veterinarian, racetrack, orchard, and five barns were also there. In 2020 Gates and Melinda bought an oceanfront mansion in Del Mar, California which is a few minutes away from Rancho Santa Fe. He paid a $ 43 million amount for it.

Bill Gates Networth 2023 Updated

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Three other big properties they have known as Wellington, Florida their second horse ranch, Cody, Wyoming a 492-acre ranch purchased in 2009, and Commercial Properties like a part of Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Bill Gates’s Net Worth All Over

Year Net worth
1986 $350 million
1987 $1.25 billion
1990 $2.5 billion
1995 $15 billion
1997 $40 billion
1999 $85 billion
2000 $63 billion
2008 $58 billion
2009 $40 billion
2014 $76 billion
2020 $130 billion
2021 $145 billion
2022 $118 billion

What Bill Gates said about AI?

Recently a statement was given by Bill Gates about AI in his blog on 21 March 2023, Tuesday. He said that artificial intelligence is the most advanced and important technology.  It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate with each other,” he said.

He talked about the ChaptGPT chatbot, which is developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT, which is used to answer online questions like a human. The development team of ChatGPT received a multibillion-dollar investment plan from Microsoft in 2023. 

“It wrote a thoughtful answer that was probably better than most of us in the room would have given,” he said. “I knew I had just seen the most important advance in technology since the graphical user interface (GUI).”

Boll Gates recently serves as an advisor in AI. “With reliable funding and the right policies, governments and philanthropy can ensure that AIs are used to reduce inequity.  Read below what he said about AI in his tweet:

“Just as the world needs its brightest people focused on its biggest problems, we will need to focus the world’s best AIs on its biggest problems” (according to BBC NEWS).

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