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Where to Watch Perfect Addiction Movie?

Perfect Addiction Movie

Perfect Addiction Movie

Sienna, an MMA trainer has her heart destroyed in Perfect Addiction when she catches her lover Jax (Matthew Noszka) cheating on her with her sister. In a split second, she loses her house and the support of two individuals she trusted.

As a result, Sienna decides to find and train a new fighter capable of defeating her ex-boyfriend. What may begin as vengeance may develop into love. The official synopsis provides a more accurate preview of the content. MMA coach Sienna considers herself and her champion lover Jax to be an unbeatable tandem.

The day she finds out he’s been having an affair with her sister puts an end to it. Sienna, hellbent on vengeance, decides to train Jax’s mortal enemy, Kayden, to overthrow Jax from power. What starts out as payback quickly escalates as lines are blurred and exercises get intense.

On March 27th, Perfect Addiction is released in theaters. Detailed information about Perfect Addiction is provided below.

On Which OTT Platforms is Perfect Addiction Movie Available?

Siena, the MMA coach is played by Kiana Madeira. The actress has previously appeared in After We Fell, After Ever Happy and Trinkets, all part of Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. Matthew Noszka portrays Sienna’s ex-boyfriend Jax.

Let It Snow and Star both featured Noszka before. Ross Butler plays Kayden, the new warrior Sienna is training. The actor has been in several successful films and television shows including 13 Reasons Why, Shazam!, Riverdale and the last two films in Netflix’s To All the Boys trilogy.

Perfect Addiction Movie

Bree Winslow (Home Economics, Euphoria), Ryan Bown (Everything I Know About Love), Jay DeMerit, Kailas Mahadevan and Alex Czerwinski as cast members. Manu Bennett (Arrow, The Hobbit trilogy) and Poppy Gilbert (The Catch, Call the Midwife) also appear.

Streaming options for Perfect Addiction in the US are limited. You can watch Perfect Addiction Movie on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. The film is also available for purchase or rental on both iTunes and Google Play.

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