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Justine Siegemund Cause of Dea†h: How did The Famous German Book Writer Die?

Justine Siegemund Cause of Death

Justine Siegemund Cause of Death

Silesian midwife Justine Siegemund wrote the most popular German obstetrics book ever written by a woman.

On 26 December 1636, Siegemund was born in Rohnstock (now Roztoka, Poland), in the old Silesian Duchy of Jawor to Lutheran pastor Elias Diettrich. When she was 14 years old, in 1650, her father passed away. She married Christian Siegemund, an accountant, in 1655, although they had no children together.

The marriage lasted for 42 years, and Christian Siegemund was very supportive of his wife’s career when they separated in 1673. Technically, Siegemund shouldn’t have been able to work as a midwife because only women who had given birth themselves are allowed to do so.

Justine Siegemund Cause of Dea†h

Justine Siegemund

Both early medications and surgical equipment were infrequently employed by Siegemund in her practice. The Berlin priest who officiated Siegemund’s funeral on November 10th, 1705, claimed that she had delivered about 6,200 babies before her dea†h.

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