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Did Becky G’s Fiancé Cheat? Sebastian Lletget Breaks Silence Over Claims on Social Media

Did Becky G's Fiancé Cheat

Did Becky G's Fiancé Cheat

Becky G attended the event on Tuesday, March 27, the same day that her fiancé, Sebastian Lletget, allegedly admitted to cheating on his girlfriend of six years via Instagram. She won Best Latin Pop Reggeaton Son of the Year for her and Karol G’s collaboration “Mamiii.”

While winning her award, she preferred to sing the praises of her fellow female musicians rather than address the cheating claims. Becky G said in her speech:

“When we come together as women in this industry, we are capable of not just making hit songs but making history and setting an example that when we come together, we are powerhouses, we are able to see each other differently and share in the light”.

She continued:

“There’s room for everybody. There’s a seat at the table for everybody and I also want to thank iHeart. The amount of Jingle Balls that they had me on and Wango Tangos throughout my career, and to think that we’re still here, we’re still doing it, we’re just getting started, it’s such a blessing.”

Sebastian Lletget, fianceé of Becky G has responded to cheating claims with a statement on social media. On a night out with his colleagues in February, an anonymous account claimed Lletget had been unfaithful to them. The soccer player apologized to the singer in an Instagram message, but he also claimed he was the victim of extortion.

After dating since 2016, Lletget and Becky G got engaged in December 2022. In his statement, Lletget revealed that the extortion attempt was the result of a “10-minute slip of judgment.”

He further claimed in his statement that despite the Instagram user’s assertions, he had never met the person who had accused him of cheating.

Did Becky G’s Fiancé Cheat

Lletget apologized to Becky G and promised to gain back the trust and love you deserve, despite denying ever meeting the Instagram user who accuses him of infidelity. In order to address his deeply entrenched rage and mental health issues, he said he would be enrolling in a mental wellness program.

There has been no public reaction from Becky G in response to the statement.

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This is all the information we have about Becky G and her fiance Sebastian Lletget. We’ll let you know the latest information as soon as we hear back from Becky. In the meantime, you can read the most up-to-date information about your favorite celebs’ relationships, divorces and other personal lives by following us on Twitter.

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