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Woman Arrested in Georgia Man Carpet Case, Another Sought

Woman Arrested in Georgia Man Carpet Case

Woman Arrested in Georgia Man Carpet Case

Two women have been accused of having connections to the death of Nathan Millard, a Georgia man whose b0dy was discovered last month wrapped in a carpet beside a roadway in Louisiana. This follows the arrest of a guy just days earlier.

According to a Facebook post by the Baton Rouge Police Department, on March 24 Tiffany Ann Guidry was arrested on charges of prostitution, failure to seek aid, and improper disposal of human remains.

Tabbetha Barner, another lady, is still wanted by police for prostitution and failing to seek help-related charges. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Police in Georgia, where the husband and father of five children were found, did not specify the women’s alleged roles in the crime. Guidry and Barner may or may not have hired lawyers to represent them. Millard, 42, disappeared on February 23 after leaving a Baton Rouge bar. Two weeks later, on March 6, his body was discovered in a vacant lot, wrapped in carpet and plastic.

Derrick Perkins was detained on March 20 and charged with unlawful disposal of remains, obstruction of justice, simple criminal damage to property, and refusal to seek assistance, according to a statement released by the police.

Georgia Man Carpet Case

Police suspect the guy may have accidentally overdosed on “blue magic,” which WAFB identifies as a kind of heroin, although the allegations against Perkins are unrelated to his death.

Perkins is suspected of wrapping Millard’s body in carpet and plastic and leaving it in the trunk of his car for up to four days, as detailed in the arrest paperwork obtained. Using his Toyota vehicle, he allegedly drove the body to a vacant lot in the 2900 block of Scenic Highway.

Although they awaited toxicology results, authorities claimed they suspected Millard had died of an accidental overdose because there were no signs of trauma in the Coroner’s report.

Amber Millard, Millard’s wife, told WSB-TV that her husband went missing while on a short business trip with a client of his Conyers, Georgia-based company, Advanced Construction. They had spent the day together at a college basketball game.

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After leaving the bar, witnesses allegedly saw Millard at the adjacent bus station, where he told an employee he was “searching for anything to make me feel better,” according to police documents cited by the local news outlet BRProud. According to the source, investigators believe he met with Perkins, a suspected narcotics dealer known as “Stanka.”

After driving to a house in South Baton Rouge with Perkins, Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr informed that police suspect Millard overdosed on “blue magic.”

“Blue magic, but with fentanyl or a similar substance added. We conclude that fentanyl was either administered or used in some way. The possible administration of Narcan is discussed “The outlet was told by McKneely.

NBC News reports that $1.4 million was set as Perkins’ bail. It’s unclear whether he’s entered a plea or hired an attorney to represent him at this time.

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