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Who K!lled Crystal Taylor? Disclosing The Mysterious Dea†h

Who Killed Crystal Taylor

Who Killed Crystal Taylor

Crystal Taylor was murd*red in her apartment complex in broad daylight. She was 22 weeks pregnant and had a lot to look forward to in life including the birth of her child. The sisters of a murd*r victim do all in their power to track out the k!ller.

It also gives specifics about the subsequent investigation. If you’re interested in learning more about the case and its background, then let’s go into the specifics.

How Did Crystal Taylor D!e?

Crystal Taylor was raised in a loving home after her birth on January 14, 1974, in Galveston County, Texas. She was the baby of the family, so her mother and her two older sisters, Michelle and Monica Taylor, showered her with additional attention and care. Crystal gave birth to her son, Javonte on her 17th birthday.

Crystal didn’t get pregnant until 2001, after dating Derek Paul Smyer for a few years. But after some time, it appears that the pregnancy caused tension between the pair. Crystal was adamant about keeping her unborn kid, while Derek pushed for an @bortion.

Who K!lled Crystal Taylor

The 27-year-old woman left her Hawthorne apartment on that seemingly ordinary day of September 25, 2001. A gunman in Crystal’s apartment complex shot her and her 22-week-old pregnant child as they walked to their car to go to work.

Emergency personnel arrived quickly, but it was too late to save the pregnant woman or her unborn son from the brutal assault. The police then conducted interviews with residents of the apartment building in search of information that could help them identify the perpetrator.

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Who is the Murd*rer of Crystal Taylor?

Authorities undoubtedly learned that Crystal and her ex-boyfriend Derek had been at odds over whether or not to keep their child after doing some questioning and investigating. Meanwhile, Michelle and Monica Taylor, the victim’s sisters, also tried to identify the perpetrator and seek justice for their sister’s murd*r.

The police seemed to suspect Derek of being involved in the murd*r, but they were unable to locate any proof linking him or anybody else to the crime.

Skyler Jefferson Moore (name taken from Abc7) an alleged hitman already serving a life sentence was approached by Los Angeles investigators in 2011 and confessed to them what truly transpired in 2001, marking a major turning point in the investigation.

Who K!lled Crystal Taylor

Skyler informed the police that he shot and k!lled Crystal, but the truth is that Derek hired him to do it because he believed that she was trying to trap him with the pregnancy. Around ten years after the crime, Derek was arrested and indicted for the murd*rs of Crystal and their unborn child.

It is thought that Derek sparked the crime by instructing Skyler, a suspected gang member he met in a park, to k!ll the mother and child. After investigating Derek further, police learned that his ex-girlfriend, Traci Williamson, had also been the victim of two assaults while she was pregnant.

Williamson was stabbed in the stomach by an unknown assailant in April 1998, when she was seven to eight months along in her pregnancy with Derek’s kid. Thankfully, both Williamson and her unborn child survived the incident.

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