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The Dark Secret Behind Zeke’s Dea†h in Power Book 2

Who Killed Zeke in Power Book 2

Who Killed Zeke in Power Book 2

The tragic end of Zeke, which occurred as a result of mistaken identity, left readers of Power Book 2 reeling. Season 2 of Power Book ended with a bang thanks to Ghost. The finale which marked the departure of one of the show’s key creators lived up to the billing and provided an outstanding episode that left viewers wanting more.

The second installment of Starz’s ‘Power’ franchise is titled “Power Book II: Ghost.” Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), who murd*red his own father at the end of the first series is at the center of this continuation.

In order to fulfill his vow to his mother and live a regular life, he enrolls at Stansfield University in Queens, New York. Yet his father’s legacy follows him as he sells drugs to other students to make ends meet and into the arms of the vicious Tejada family.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross portrayed by Daniel Bellomy is a pivotal figure in the first two seasons of “Power Book II: Ghost.” Several people, notably his mother, Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige) and his k!ller are affected by his dea†h at the beginning of the third season.

Don’t worry about finding out what happened to Zeke or who k!lled him; we’ve got you covered.

How Did Zeke Die?

Stansfield is so eager to get Zeke to their squad that they push his roommate Tariq to educate him despite the fact that he is not nearly as smart as Zeke is on the basketball court. As Zeke and Tariq become close, he introduces him to Monet, whom he claims is his aunt.

Monet tells Zeke he is “too valuable” for the family to get involved in a quarrel. One of Zeke’s teachers, Caridad “Carrie” Milgram (Melanie Liburd) becomes the object of his covert sexual interest.

Zeke goes to see Detective Kevin Whitman (Jeff Hephner) in the season 2 finale to find out if the police still think Carrie committed su!cide. Whitman suspects that Zeke knows more than he’s letting on, so he prods him gently to find out more, but Zeke quickly leaves.

Who K!lled Zeke in Power Book 2

Later, they reunite and Whitman shows Zeke a traffic cam photo of Monet that was taken not far from Carrie’s apartment and is consistent with the coroner’s estimated time of dea†h. When Zeke learns that Whitman has reason to believe Monet murd*red Carrie, he quickly fabricates an alibi for her by saying she was on her way to pick him up.

As Dru Tejada (Lovell Adams-Gray) abruptly left Zeke tracked him down to inquire if he had lied to him. It is then hinted that he is to board his father’s private plane and depart from New York. He is fatally sh0t in the back as he approaches the plane.

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Who K!lled Zeke in Power Book 2?

It was Dante “Mecca” Spears (Daniel Sunjata) and Monet who had Zeke, their son. In the second season finale, Mecca proposes k!lling her husband, Lorenzo and Monet pretend to go along with the scheme (Berto Colon). To carry out the mission, she gives orders to her eldest son, Lorenzo “Cane” Tejada Jr. (Woody McClain).

In reality, though, she and her family are conspiring with Tariq to murd*r Mecca. Cane is spared the horror of having to k!ll his father after Lorenzo and Tariq transform an ambush intended for the former into a massacre of Mecca’s men and inform him of the situation.

Tariq goes to Mecca’s place after she requests Monet to send him there on her behalf. Nevertheless, Monet has already k!lled Mecca by the time he arrives. Lorenzo, who thinks it’s okay to k!ll Mecca, has been kept in the dark about this.

Who K!lled Zeke in Power Book 2

As he reaches the airport, he mistakes a random man for Mecca and sh00ts him. He finds out much later that he actually did k!ll Zeke. He is keeping this secret from his wife since he knows she would murd*r him if she found out.

Bellomy said:

“You know, we wanted Zeke to go on and to leave his family, be an NBA great and just soar. Yet ultimately, it was his decision to return to his mother that proved fatal. Zeke was simply a child at heart”.

Even if it’s cool to act tough on Power, it breaks my heart that Ezekiel had to leave. He was such a lovely, innocent kid. I’m not sure I ever secretly hoped he’d turn evil. He was probably too involved at that point to avoid getting k!lled or captured and I have no idea what a disastrous turn for him would have entailed.

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