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Kellyanne Conway “Living Her Best Life” After Her Split with Husband George

Kellyanne Conway Split

Kellyanne Conway Split

There has been a flood of single men asking Kellyanne Conway out on dates since she divorced George, but sources say Trump’s ex-advisor isn’t ready to start dating again just yet.

Apparently, guys have been flocking to the ex-White House counselor for Donald Trump ever since Kellyanne and George announced their breakup.

Apparently, Kellyanne is “loving” all the attention. “Kellyanne is the new Pete Davidson,” laughed a source, comparing the blond bigmouth to the SNL comic whose little black book is bursting with romantic possibilities.”

When George and I split up, it was like a traffic signal in D.C. for males. People are constantly trying to give her their phone numbers wherever she goes. Very simply, she is having the time of her life right now. an insider revealed.

And yet, the MAGA supporter and her anti-MAGA lawyer husband managed to stay together despite George’s relentless attacks on his wife’s employer and Trump’s retaliatory labeling of George as a “husband from hell.”  Kellyanne is apparently telling her pals that she is not ready to date, despite enjoying all the attention.

Kellyanne Conway and George Divorce

Currently, “Kellyanne is coping with a lot,” said a reliable source. Divorce and her kids are at the top of her list of concerns. In the present moment, her attention is solely directed there and not toward romantic relationships.

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A peaceful divorce is nearing completion, the couple declared in a joint statement. “We’ve been married for over two decades, and we love each other very much. We also love our four corgis very much, but our four children will always be our number one priority and the reason we’re together.

Keep respect our privacy, the statement continued.

“We are grateful to have so many people in our lives who love and care for us. As parents, we’ll always stand together to give our best to our precious offspring”.

Kellyanne was questioned about George’s anti-Trump tweets in 2018. She went on to say, There are other family members of folks who work at the White House who absolutely do not support the president both behind the scenes and in public. For some reason, I’ve always been held to a higher standard than others.

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