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Power Book II: Ghost: Daniel Bellomy Explains Stunning Season 2 Finale

Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II Ghost

The second season of the Starz program Power Book II: Ghost concluded on Sunday, serving as a sobering reminder that virtue has no place in this world. Not since the Season 4 murder of Tariq St. Patrick’s twin sister Raina has a death so effectively conveyed how simple it is to lose an innocent, exact vengeance, and then find a way to move on and continue to live in this gray area where only money and power matter.

Yet in tonight’s episode, “Love and War,” will the death of Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross (Daniel Bellomy) be the power to tilt the axis towards betterment?

After the drama that ensued from the revelation that Zeke’s aunt Monet (Mary J. Blige) was actually his birth mother, Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) shot and killed Ezekiel as he climbed up the steps of a private jet to escape away. Lorenzo mistook Dante “Mecca” Spears (Daniel Sunjata), the father of Zeke, who had just been revealed as a villain in Season 2, for someone else.

Monet shot Mecca in the head, sending him to a fiery inferno, but this piece of news isn’t nearly as bad. When Lorenzo hears the news that Mecca was discovered dead in his own apartment, he becomes distraught.

Bellomy spoke with Deadline in a real post-mortem about Zeke’s arc on the show, whether or not he could return in flashbacks, and when he found out his character was killed off.

Courtney Kemp, the mind behind “Power Book II: Ghost,” discusses the show’s tragic season two finale, the release of “Force,” her Netflix contract, and her plans for the future. Bellomy thinks Monet wouldn’t have been honest with Zeke and felt some relief in his death, even though this is a classic case of a child being made to suffer for the mistakes of his or her parents.

“He knew he was never going to receive the truth from Monet, even as you saw him sprinting up those steps on the plane,” he explained. And the truth would have eluded him forever as he tried to hide it from her. His only hope at that point was to end his life.

The Unexpected Fate of Zeke on Power Book II: Ghost

The Unexpected Fate of Zeke on Power Book II Ghost

In this cruel society, good people simply don’t stand a chance. If you remember from the first season, we mentioned that Monet’s word is law, therefore he was essentially a slave to his family. There are instances when people genuinely wish to help others and are themselves uplifting. That was at his expense.

To continue, he said, “You know, we wanted Zeke to go on and to leave his family, to be an NBA star, and just soar. Yet, in the end, he risked his life by returning to his mother. Such a kind and naive soul Ezekiel was. As much as one desires to be a gangsta on Power, Zeke was just too pure and good to be taken away”.

I’m not sure I ever secretly hoped he’d turn evil. I believe he was already too involved to avoid being caught in the crossfire or to turn bad without going bad himself, and I have no idea what that would have looked like. Bellomy has his own opinion on the matter, but he doesn’t know if there are plans for Zeke to return in flashbacks next season or not.

Why on earth would Zeke come back as a ghost? If his death truly saved him, then he won’t be coming back as a ghost. The young actor said, “He really shouldn’t. If he did, he’d still be a slave, and that’s bad. Yet, this is television, so who knows what will happen?”

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“I don’t want him to come back as a ghost because then I feel like Monet still gets to have him, and she doesn’t deserve that,” Bellamy explained. He shouldn’t return to his family in ghost form. They don’t believe he’s gone, thus they should be left to look for him.

Zeke’s death was an unexpected surprise to Bellomy, who didn’t know the character’s fate until the season was almost ended.

When a main character’s arc on Power is about to end, the audience is usually informed somewhere in the middle of the preceding episode. “It’s Power, and it’s game,” he declared. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to have worked on the show and for the friendship and support of Zeke.

I’m also appreciative of the ensemble members who served as a powerful examples to one another, as well as the people who came before me and taught me how to persevere through adversity while maintaining control over my own life. The trip goes on.

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