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Facts About Marcel Marceau’s Three Wives are Disclosed

Marcel Marceau Wife

Marcel Marceau Wife

Marcel Marceau, the world-renowned mime has been remembered for decades for his incredible performances, but now a new memoir has revealed his more intimate life. Performer and fellow mime in August of 2014, Paulette Frankl published Marcel & Me: A Memoir of Love, Passion, and Illusion, a memoir about her decades-long relationship with Marceau.

Who is Marcel Marceau’s Wife?

When Marceau first met Huguette Mallet, he was immediately drawn to her and their relationship soon developed into a passionate romance. Huguette Mallet is the first wife of Marcel Marceau with whom he had two sons, Michel and Baptiste.

His second wife was Ella Jaroszewicz with whom he had no children. His third marriage was to Anne Sicco with whom he had two daughters, Camille and Aurélia. Though Huguette and Marceau eventually ended their relationship, their bond remained strong throughout his life.

In the book of Paulette Frankl’s “Marcel & Me: A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion”, released in August 2014 Frankl paints a portrait of Marceau as a deeply passionate, romantic and generous man who was devoted to his art.

Marcel Marceau Wife

She also talks about how his work touched people all over the world and made them think differently about mime.

Marcel Marceau’s legacy will live on for generations to come and this memoir provides an intimate insight into the life of a great artist. Through Frankl’s words, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the mask, and the power of his work.

Frankl’s memoir provides an intimate look into Marceau’s personal life, including his three marriages. She talks about the complexity of his relationships and the deep connection he shared with each of his wives. She also paints a picture of Marceau as a devoted partner who was passionate and generous in his love.

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