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US State Wyoming Banned Use of Abortion Pills Very First

If we talk about a social issue faced mostly all parts of the world is abortion. Wyoming is the first state to try to finish this problem from the root. Wyoming banned abortion pills in his country and became the first state that comes forward with such a good law.

Governor Mark Gordon passed a law this month. According to that bill purchasing abortion pills is illegal and to  “prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion” is banned. 

I believe this question needs to be decided as soon as possible so that the issue of abortion in Wyoming can be finally resolved, and that is best done with a vote of the people,” the Republican governor said in a statement.

Wyoming Banned Use of Abortion Pills

This can be possible because of an anti-abortion group that is active since last year to stop abortion. 

In a Texas courtroom, a judge also talks to banned nationally these abortion pills. Pill Mifepristone is regularly used without any knowledge of how harmful it could be in the future. For decades these are available in general stores. 

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Texas judge Matthew Kaczmarek ordered the collection of all the pills from markets across the country. Legislators suggest not only ban from shops but also online services where these kinds of drugs are supplied by mail. 

Gordon said he would never back his step to fight against abortion, “I believe all life is sacred and that every individual, including the unborn, should be treated with dignity and compassion,” Gordon said.

Wyoming Banned Use of Abortion Pills

US Supercourt gave a constitutional right to establish abortion in 1973, and now anti-abortion groups came forward to stop these activists across the nation. Nearly 15 states already ban these pills, but if a physician prescribes them you can get them. These states are Arizona, Indiana, Montana, Ohio, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming.  

The law is also necessary to save a woman’s health, “from an imminent peril that substantially endangers her life or health” but unfortunately treatments for a “natural miscarriage according to currently accepted medical guidelines”.

USA Today confirms this news by the tweet below:

Breaching the law is treated as a criminal act, and he has to be punished with six months in jail and a $9000 fine.  The major reason is only women “upon whom a chemical abortion is performed or attempted shall not be criminally prosecuted”.

Despite this Wyoming ACLU advocacy director Antonio Serrano criticized the governor’s decision by saying “a person’s health, not politics, should guide important medical decisions – including the decision to have an abortion,” Serrano said. (according to ALJAZEERA)

Then the governor said he prohibited the law only to protect the health and life of the mother, or in a rape case. A couple of od mifepristone pills with a drug is the most used way to abort a fetus in the US. Check out more about the new bill passed by Wyoming:

This bill definitely worked to stop abortion somehow. Women’s rape may be controlled this way. We can expect more steps the government should take toward women’s health and freedom. To get the latest update on your state bookmark our site

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