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Rumer Willis Celebrates Baby Shower Thrown by Mom Demi Moore

When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, it is the best moment in her life. Rumer Willis going to welcome her first baby. The actress of The pregnant House Bunny who is 34 celebrates a baby shower with her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas, and her sister Tallulah Wills, 29, and Scout Wills. The celebration was thrown by her mom Demi Moore. 

Both Rumer and Thomas performed as a couple, and Rumer choose to wear an off-shoulder white gown. Their friend also inverted at the event including mom Peta Murgatroyd, and Stephaine Shepherd.

Her other family members were also present there including Moore, 60, dad Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming Willis, Evelyn Penn, Mabel Ray, Tallulah, and Scout. 

Rumer announced her pregnancy in a podcast of Peggy Rometo and Kimberly Van Der Beek, Bathroom Chronicles last months.

Rumer Willis Celebrates Baby Shower

“It’s made me upgrade so fast, like things where I used to have such a nature to be people pleasing or to not stand up for myself for little things that then would kind of get under my skin,” she said. “I would say literally, maybe even a week after I got pregnant, all of a sudden, it was like, no, no, that’s not going to work for me anymore.”

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“This is what I need to do to reorient this and speak up for myself. It was like a new equation and a new puzzle all of a sudden downloaded,” she explained. “And I had a different operating system.”

Rumer also shared that she wanted to become a mom, as it is one of her dreams “It’s like one of those weird things that I know sometimes people have such clarity about, like ‘Oh, I want to be a musician, I want this,’ and it was never a question for me that I wanted to be a mom,” she said.

Rumer Willis Celebrates Baby Shower

“And that just felt like such a divine purpose and something that when I started thinking about it, felt like such joy.”

She said that at the beginning of her relationship, she clearly told Thomas that she wanted to become a mom, and can’t wait for this. She wanted to share her emotions and every moment of life with her baby.  

“I was talking to my partner the other day and saying, ‘You know when I go to the farmers market, I call it church because I leave and I feel so excited,’ ” she said. “And the idea of being able to bring my kids in like a little cart or something brings me so much delight, I can’t even … I can’t wait.”

The event was celebrated after three months she confirm her pregnancy news. Demi posted on Instagram sweet captioned, “Saying hello to the little nibbles!!.” “Overjoyed for you, my sweet Rumer. It’s an honor to witness your journey into motherhood, and can’t wait to welcome this baby into the world!”

“I’m beyond grateful that we get to make a family together,” Derek wrote on Instagram on Feb. 14. “Thank you for growing our child from scratch, I have so much reverence and respect for this journey you’re on. We’re on it together, but you’re doing all the heavy lifting and I get to just cheer you on, feed you tacos, and appreciate you. I can’t wait to dance around the kitchen with our baby.”

Rumer’s child coming into the world soon. We wish both mom and baby blessed with good health. Her complete family is with her to celebrity the best moment of life for a mom. To know more about your favorite celebrity’s pregnancy news bookmark our site

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