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Who is Loretta Mclaughlin’s Children and Her Husband?

Loretta Mclaughlin

Loretta Mclaughlin

Loretta McLaughlin is a U.S.-born author, journalist and newspaper editor born in 1928 and died in 2018. McLaughlin, a reporter for the Boston Record American in 1962 covered the case of the Boston Strangler killings alongside Jean (née Cole) Harris. Let’s learn more about her family in this post.

What is the name of Loretta Mclaughlin’s Children and Her Husband?

Loretta McLaughlin’s narrative, including her part in the investigation into the Boston Strangler is told in a new film that premiered on March 17, 2023. Keira Knightley plays Loretta McLaughlin in the film. Several details of his life outside of his family are also shown in the film.

The last title cards of “Boston Strangler” disclose that James and Loretta McLaughlin separated and then got divorced. Mark, Ruth and Neil were their three children.

James met Loretta at Boston University, where they both studied. They tied the knot and contrary to the cultural norm of the time, he continued to encourage her to pursue her work while raising a family. Domestic duties were divided evenly between the two partners.

Loretta’s workload increased dramatically as she began investigating the Boston Strangler, so James stepped in to help. Things between them turned sour not long after that. Given the importance of the case to Loretta’s professional future, she focused almost entirely on it, at the expense of her family.

Loretta Mclaughlin

First, James didn’t mind too much. James, though, began to worry that her dedication to the case had turned into an unhealthy obsession as she became increasingly invested in it. The situation escalated after James received a promotion that required him to make weekly trips from Connecticut.

Loretta would have to take care of the kids and keep up with the increasing demands of her career while he was gone for a couple of days each week. Whether or not her reporting on the Boston Strangler case contributed to the strain on James and Loretta’s marriage is speculative.

They eventually did end up divorcing, though. Loretta became well-known for her reporting after this case and she covered other significant events. Even James had gone on with his life, avoiding any activities that may draw the attention of the press. Perhaps he remarried as well.

Because of the scarcity of data, it is not known whether James McLaughlin is still alive or not. But We think that if he’s alive he may be 90 years old.

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