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What Did Manuel Paez Terán Family Say About City Cop Autopsy Report?

City Cop Autopsy

City Cop Autopsy

The family of Manuel Paez Terán claims that various other state agencies have also been silent about the activist’s death. Family lawyers for Manuel Paez Terán, aka “Tortuguita” have told that over two months after the environmental activist’s death, the local Georgia medical examiner’s office has not finished an autopsy.

One of the central questions in this high-profile case is whether or not Terán opened fire on the police. It is not yet known whether or not the autopsy will shed light on this topic.

Paez Terán was killed after authorities stormed a tent near the location of a new police and fire department training facility called “Cop City” in the woods outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

The death of Paez Terán, the first such homicide of an environmental activist in American history has helped to bring the protests over Cop City to the attention of media outlets across the country and the world.

City Cop Autopsy

An associate of the firm representing Paez Terán’s family, civil rights attorney Wingo Smith claimed he was informed of the news in a quick phone conversation with Patrick Bailey, director of the DeKalb county medical examiner’s office.

According to Smith, the autopsy report was promised by the director to be ready in a few weeks. After the study is complete, Bailey said it would be sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and maybe a special prosecutor.

Given the widespread curiosity around this case, this news comes as something of a shock. As Paez Terán’s family recently spread Tortuguita’s ashes over the woodland she fought to protect, it’s also unclear what tasks have yet to be completed.

Bailey indicated that other information such as toxicology or other results and an “internal review” may be gathered.

Recently, the autopsy reports of other people have been made public; for more information on their reports, check out our prior pieces, linked down below:


That’s all the information we have so far regarding the City Police Autopsy. Please feel free to update us in the comments area with any new information you may have about this case.

We will keep you posted as more details emerge from his autopsy. In the meantime, you can read the latest updates on the death, autopsies, obituaries, and other news by following us on Twitter.

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