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Spice Announces that She is Pregnant for 3rd Time in Her Post

Who is Spice Pregnant By

Who is Spice Pregnant By

Even though she was thought to have vanished after a botched plastic surgery procedure, Spice is very much alive and has some wonderful news: she’s expecting a child.

The Queen of Dancehall made her pregnancy announcement on 14 March … posting a photo of herself in an all-blue getup with an obviously preggo belly. In the caption, she wrote, “God has been so good to me.”

It’s unclear if the abundance of blue indicates a certain gender.

Check out the post updated by Queen of Dancehall below about her pregnancy:

Not long after speculation mounted as to her social media absence at year’s end, she announced she was expecting a baby. The gossip mill went into overdrive, coming up with scenarios in which Spice vanished or was in a coma after botched plastic surgery. 

Just in case you missed it, she ended up setting the record straight, revealing to her fans that she was not in a coma or dead but instead had a hernia injury that required emergency surgery.

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She explained that she needed to rest for a while at the moment. Obviously, she also took her sweet time getting pregnant, and now she’s beaming from ear to ear. We don’t have any idea of her exact gestational age, but the photo shows that she’s far over the first trimester.

Spice, I hope you’re proud of your dancehall successor.

Who is Spice Pregnant By?

It was in Atlanta, Georgia, where Spice met American cinematographer Justin Budd, whom she eventually started dating in 2020. But 2022 rolled around and things between them had to end.

Note: We have not gotten any information about who is Spice pregnant by? If we get any information about the child’s father then we will update this page soon.

Till then keep following for more latest updates.

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