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Did Bunny Hedaya Divorce Her Husband Harry?

Bunny Hedaya Divorce

Bunny Hedaya Divorce

An American businesswoman and social media celebrity, Bunny Hedaya (aka Bunny Barbie) just announced her divorce. She has more than 10 million TikTok followers thanks to her offbeat and humorous videos.

Several people have made assumptions about Bunny’s personal life, including her marriage to Harry Hedaya. If you want to know about Bunny Hedaya’s divorce, this article have you covered.

Bunny Hedaya Divorce

Bunny Hedaya

Those who had been following Harry and Bunny’s love story on social media were stunned to learn that she had filed for divorce. They ran a prosperous business together and had been married for many years.

Many of their fans believe that the split was staged to drum up interest in their new reality program, “Legally Bunny.” The situation was true and the pair were having a tough time, as confirmed by Bunny’s representative. If you want to view more videos on Bunny Hedaya’s separation, head over to the corresponding TikTok thread.

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Who is Bunny Hedaya’s Husband?

Harry Hedaya, Bunny’s husband and business partner, is a successful entrepreneur. He is 32 years old and lives in Florida, where he co-founded Shower Pill with Bunny.

The firm offers body wipes for those who need a quick way to clean up after a workout or in emergency situations when a shower isn’t an option. In November 2022, Bunny took legal action. According to reports, the couple was preparing to split. Their breakup was a private matter.

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