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Who is Tilly Keeper and What is Her Role in You Season 4?

Tilly Keeper

Tilly Keeper

Tilly Keeper, a 25-year-old actress didn’t appear to be getting any major roles in early 2022. She played Louise Mitchell on the long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders for four years during which time she terrorized the residents of Albert Square with her blackmail, bullying and screaming.

But, luck seemed to have stopped in its tracks after 2020. She said:

“I was having screen tests for really wonderful shows or chemistry reads and I wasn’t getting them. As in Well, you’re too tall, too old, too young or any other equally generic reason. I was hoping to land a role on a show that I was eager to join. It was the most heartbreaking part”.

What is the role of Tilly Keeper in You Season 4?

In the fourth season, Tilly plays the part of Lady Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth, a socialite Joe uses to charm his way around London.

Lady Phoebe, played by Keeper is a wealthy aristocrat who becomes friends with Joe Goldberg when the latter is invited to her boyfriend’s elite club by a mutual university acquaintance.

Phoebe is the one who continues inviting Joe to parties and it is at her country mansion that they all gather for the series finale of part 1. Tilly Keeper shared a post on her official Instagram account and show herself a part of You Season 4.

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According to the series, Phoebe is as sweet and kind as she is rich, famous and chaotic; the tabloids have been documenting her every bikini wax since she was 15 years old. Phoebe may present as a snooty aristocratic socialite to the public, but in private, she reveals her true colors.

“By accident, she meets Joe on a night out and she’s rather charmed by him,” she told Alex Jones and Lauren Laverne. She takes him as a new best friend and finds herself embroiled in the bloodshed and intrigue that follows him.

Tilly Keeper

Tilly radiated beauty in a form-fitting crimson dress and wavy honey-blonde hair. Penn, a 36-year-old American actor, sat next to her, looking suave in a dark suit and tie and spilled the beans on the show’s inner workings.

Penn narrates the internal monologue of his psychopath Joe in You. When asked whether the acting or the narration came first, he gave the following explanation:

“Sometimes I’ll record as many as three episodes at once in a vocal booth, each at a little different volume. When I’m filming an episode, I don’t worry about how I came across to the audience or how I did in the scene.”

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