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Who Was Responsible for Rhonda Richardson Murder?

Rhonda Richardson Murder

Rhonda Richardson Murder

Robert Dale Clary a man, 65 was arrested and formally charged with Rhonda Richardson’s murder in Texas in 2019 for allegedly killing and discarding the body of his 59-year-old neighbor in a wooded area behind her house, as per reports.

Richardson’s body was found in May of 2019 in a heavily wooded section of the Sam Houston National Forest in San Jacinto County, not far from her home. San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Gary Sharpen stated that a 911 call was received in the afternoon of May 22, 2019, reporting an adult female dead in the park.

Sharpen stated that deputies arrived at the location at around 4 p.m. and located Richardson’s body in addition to ATV tire tracks. Sharpen claims that Richardson’s presence in the woods is “odd” given that she normally avoids them due to her fear of snakes and other wildlife.

Rhonda Richardson Murder

On the 21st of May, Richardson was reportedly spotted by neighbors as she went looking for her last puppy. Nobody she had ever worked with or been incarcerated with was hostile toward her and she had no known adversaries.

Kelly Siegler, a former prosecutor and Steve Spingola, an investigator were in Texas looking into it. They worked together with the local law enforcement from the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office, including Sheriff Greg Capers, St. Gary Sharpen, and Sgt. Omar Sheikh.

Local citizen and convicted s*x offender Robert Dale Clary was a prime suspect early on, although his innocence had not yet been established. The extensive decay of Richardson’s body made it impossible to tell what killed the beloved mother and grandmother who lived alone with her pets.

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The investigation of Rhonda Richardson’s Murder case is still going on. Robert Dale Clary is in police custody till then his innocence is not proven. That’s about all we know about this case so far. Perhaps you have any other information regarding this case that you could share with us.

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