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Kim Coleman Had to Go to Jail for the Murder of Whom?

Kim Coleman murder

Kim Coleman murder

Kim, when brought before the court claimed self-defense and pleaded not guilty. She was found guilty of the second-degree murder of her boyfriend Brain Spinks and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole in 2012.

What Evidence was Found Near Brian Spinks body?

On January 17, 2010, anxious callers to the 911 center in Shreveport, Louisiana, described a probable heist that ended in a murder. The sight of Brian’s disfigured body frightened the first responders who hurried to the scene.

The victim was discovered lying in a pool of his own blood on the kitchen floor with many stab wounds evident from the outset of the medical examination.

Kim Coleman murder

Police found two bloody knives at the scene, one of which had a broken blade and an examination later indicated that the Staff Sergeant had been stabbed about sixty times before he died. Kimethia “Kim” Coleman, Brian’s girlfriend was present when police found the body, making her a prime suspect.

Kim maintained her innocence saying that an intruder had broken into their home and stabbed her partner to death. She also claimed the knife cuts on her arms were inflicted by her assailant. In the lack of any proof, the police had no choice but to accept her word as gospel and go on.

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What Happened With Brian Spinks Actually?

Kim and Brian’s relationship had been tense in the months preceding the murder. Although Brian loved Kim deeply, his friends say she wasn’t happy until she had complete control over his life.

Thus, the Staff Sergeant’s fiancée became suspicious whenever he went out with his pals and she even stole his phone to listen in on their talks. Although Brian had become weary of Kim’s antics, she showed no sign of stopping even as her jealousy grew.

Hence, he chose to cut ties with his girlfriend and pursue his own interests. Because of Kim’s hatred of rejection, this just served to make her angrier and she continued to stalk Brian in the days that followed.

Kim Coleman murder

In truth, Kim stormed into a club and got into a fight with another woman because she thought that the other woman had romantic feelings for her partner, as depicted in the show. Brian eventually decided to end things for good since he was sick of being manipulated by his girlfriend.

The next time Kim was in the area, he told her he had made up his mind and that their relationship was officially finished. Kim’s rage finally snapped and she began physically assaulting Brian as a result of the latest development.

Despite his efforts to keep her out, she entered the house, found her way to the kitchen and began stabbing Brian repeatedly. The 911 operator said she could hear Brian crying for help in the background before his girlfriend killed him while they were still on the line, even though Kim had sworn she was innocent.

Yet, despite appearances to the contrary, Kim’s arm knife wounds were found to have been self-inflicted. Armed with this new information, the police re-interviewed Kim who now claimed she had killed Brian in self-defense.

But the police were not convinced by Kim’s explanation, so they detained her and later charged her with the murder of her boyfriend.


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