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Who is Charlie Villanueva Wife and When Did They Get Married?

Charlie Villanueva Wife

Charlie Villanueva Wife

With the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, and Dallas Mavericks, Charlie Villanueva was never able to reach his full potential as a professional basketball player.

His legacy will be recognized for his advocacy on behalf of those suffering from alopecia universalis, a condition that hinders hair development wherever on the body. With the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Villanueva serves as a spokeswoman.

Who is Charlie Villanueva Wife?

The beautiful Lala is the girlfriend of NBA player Charlie Villanueva, who made headlines when he was a burglary victim. The 33-year-old man posted on social media about the theft from his Dallas house, which included a toilet.

On August 24, 1984, Lala’s future husband Roberto Villanueva was born to immigrant parents Doris Mejia and Roberto Villanueva from the Dominican Republic. Charlie, who grew up in New York, attended the University of Connecticut for two years and won an NCAA title in 2004 while playing college basketball.

At age 20, the Toronto Raptors selected him as the seventh overall choice in the 2005 NBA draught. He played with the Milwaukee Bucks for three seasons before joining the Detroit Pistons on a five-year contract in 2009. He was a former member of the Mavericks’ team.

He is a naturalized citizen of the Dominican Republic and has played basketball for the national team.

After a long courtship, Villanueva and Lala tied the knot in July 2021

Charlie Villanueva

Villanueva asked Lala to be his wife at their first date spot, Nick & Sam’s because the two of them had the same birthday. They had originally intended to get married in July 2020, but the coronavirus epidemic has caused them to postpone the ceremony for a year.

The wedding of Lala and Villanueva took place on July 24, 2021, and was attended by loved ones from both of their families. Their wedding date was chosen because “our special number is 24,” they told Modern Luxury. It was “the presence of all our loved ones after such a rough year,” the pair said.

The anniversary was a time for Villanueva and Lala to express their love for one another with thoughtful letters. The ex-Raptors player penned:

“Big believer in giving your loved one their flowers while they still here, or in this case stars. I asked her what the 5 stars symbolizes. She said, CJ, Aliyah, Me, and Her.”

Two dogs complete the family of six. “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family wrapped up in each other,” Villanueva captioned a Christmas post.

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The Family Consists of the Spouse, their two children (CJ and Aliyah), and their two pets

Charlie Villanueva Wife and kids

CJ, the son of Villanueva and Lala, acted as ring bearers at the wedding. CJ, who plays basketball for the Canadian team Haldimand Huskies, is almost as tall as his 6’1″ father. According to Villanueva’s tweets, he is in charge of his son CJ’s career and wants him to reach the NBA.

CJ’s sister Aliyah was a flower girl at their parents’ wedding. Villanueva will occasionally post pictures of her and CJ together on her Instagram account. As Villanueva captioned an Instagram video on July 25, 2022:

I am a firm believer in honoring departed loved ones with flowers—or stars, in this case—while they are still with us. I inquired as to the significance of the five stars. “CJ, Aliyah, Me, and She,” she murmured.

Their two dogs round out the family of six. The presence of a joyful family enveloped in each other is the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree,” Villanueva wrote as the caption for a holiday photo.

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